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At the three minute mark…

Do you feel like this? Do you let up on your home workout routines in the final minutes? Do you call it quits JUST A LITTLE early? After all, nobody is watching. Nobody would know. You did a great job up to that point. What’s three minutes anyways? Three measly minutes. Well, over time, three minutes adds up! That could easily amount to 15-18 minutes IN JUST ONE  week (virtually an entire workout–as you know, I’m a huge advocate of the 25-30 minute workout). So, we CAN’T have that–ESPECIALLY when we are working out for such a short amount of time.

home workout routinesThe Power of the Second Wind in Home Workout Routines

Definition of “a second wind”-

            •  relief from general feelings of distress that often accompany the early stages of exercise;
            • a feeling of new energy that allows you to continue to do something after you had begun to feel tired;
            • the return of ease in breathing after exhaustion caused by continued physical exertion;

I don’t know about you, but I am on a CONSTANT search for my second wind during almost every single one of my home workout routines. When I find it, the heavens open, the angels sing, and the calories FLEE! Ha! In todays’ video, I will give you my top recommendation to help you find your second wind and SMASH the last few minutes of your home workout routines. P.S. Comment below with your GO-TO-SECOND-WIND-FAVORITE-WORKOUT-SONG! P.S.S. Looking for home workout routines for women, go here!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
home workout routines

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