Tony Horton-the LEGEND

You either love and adore Tony Horton or you tony hortonwant to throw a pie at him or get him in a dunking booth. If you’ve done P90X, you know what I mean. “Pastrami sandwich bad! Coca Cola bad! Drink your water people!” The beauty of Tony Horton is that, hate him or love him, he IS that guy on the DVDs. Tony Horton isn’t “turning it on” for the camera. That is legitimately him. He is equally as friendly, witty and jovial in real life, which is one of his greatest attributes. While Tony Horton’s humor might bug some, it is a great tactic to keep you distracted from the crazy work you are doing completely transforming your body in 90 days in the infamous P90X series. Before becoming the P90X sensation, Tony Horton was an actor and stand-up comedian. I love that he has combined his two passions into one: comedy and fitness. Most strive to do something they are passionate about their entire lives and never find it. Tony Horton has most definitely tapped into something revolutionary.

Tony Horton P90X Introduces the Concept of Muscle Confusion

P90X-X-X! Three years ago, my boyfriend (now husband) got sucked into the Tony Horton P90X infomercial, as most do, if you’ve ever seen it. It looks challenging but possible and the before and after photos tony hortonlook INCREDIBLE! He was in! I got it for him for his birthday and then what also happens WAY TOO OFTEN, he never opened it. Tony Horton sat wrapped in cellophane, collecting dust. So, I had “skin in the game”. I had invested $120 in Mr. Tony Horton, so what happened? I opened it. The concept of muscle confusion, working a different muscle group every day, was intriguing as I was one of those gym rats who did the same routine day in and day out with minimal results. WHAT WAS TO COME IN THE NEXT NINETY DAYS WAS SHOCKING! I had always been in good shape, but my body transformed. Since that day, I have done multiple Beachbody workouts–and have loved them all! I do believe though, that Tony Horton got me the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Tony Horton Age Shock

He’s quirky. He’s funny. He KNOWS what he’s doing. And most shocking of all, Tony Horton was born in 1958! Yes! He is truly defying the age gods! He IS the fountain of youth. You want to reverse the clock? Take care of your body! Tony Horton is living proof that it can be done! He has muscles that most only see in magazines. But he’s earned those muscles thru consistent effort. It is amazing what consistency in ANY area of your life can produce! If Tony Horton can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! What’s stopping you? And I have a feeling Mr. Tony Horton is JUST getting started!

Digging Deep,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
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P.S. Ready to get started with Tony Horton and P90X, click here.

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