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Did I ever think I’d be standing on the 50 yard line of Gillette Stadium waiting to do a live Shaun T workout? Umm… no. Ha! But SHOULD it have been on my bucket list? ABSOLUTELY. I swear, every Shaun T event ends up being even better than the last. I mean, come on. We were getting ready to dig deep on the same turf 3-time Super Bowl champs, New England Patriots play. It was quite a rush!

Are You Kidding Me?

After the workout, a gentleman that worked at the stadium informed me that the turf was 120 degrees. I can’t imagine what the stage would’ve registered! The shiny black stage was so hot, it actually burnt my feet thru my shoes!

What Makes Shaun T So Special?shaun T

This is an easy one. Besides the contagious energy that flows around him (if you’ve been around him, you know exactly what I mean), Shaun T has this amazing ability to show you what you are capable of, even thru a TV screen. All of the sudden, you realize you started your workout as one person and by the end of the 25, 38, 46 minutes, you are finishing as someone else. With each workout it’s like a chisel is chipping away at you. The “old” you is disappearing and the “champion” you—the one you had forgotten about—is emerging. Shaun T will push you. He will break you down but then, you will find the strength within you to get back up better than before!  If you’ve never done one of his programs (Insanity, Focus T25, Asylum) you are MISSING IT! I guarantee you will not only become a lifelong fan, but you will be better…better than you were yesterday and better than you might have thought possible. Thank you Shaun T!

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