Shaun T Brings Itshaun t

I was dying to share this with you. This past weekend, I attended a Live Shaun T workout at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, New Jersey. You could FEEL the energy in the room! Shaun T‘s live workouts are always an emotional experience because in between the burpees and the squats and the PUSHING, you realize WHAT you are capable of and it’s so much MORE than you were aware of before that moment.

There were laughs…
There were tears (a lot of them)…
The energy and the focus and the vibe was palpable.

This all went down immediately following the workout.

His dancing was ELECTRIC! His mission was CLEAR! And his passion was OBVIOUS!

Find something your passionate about and CHASE IT!

See Shaun T bring it here:

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Digging Deeper,

Jessica Bowser Nelson

shaun t


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