Need a P90X Schedule? BRING IT!

P90X-X-X-X! The next 90 days will DRASTICALLY change your life if you embrace the P90X schedulefollowing three things: the P90X schedule, the P90X nutrition plan and an attitude of a champion! You will be amazed at how easily your body changes simply by following the P90X schedule. Your program should have come with a complete step-by-step guide to get you started. Make sure you read through this before beginning P90X. It will outline all the info you need to obtain the results you want! There are 3 different schedule options, as well. I will help you determine which P90X schedule is right for you.

Which P90X schedule is for you?

P90X Classic Schedule-this is my favorite and most recommended P90X schedule, period! I recommend that no matter what your goal, DO THIS P90X SCHEDULE! It is well balanced, a great use of your time and will get you results guaranteed! I have done this schedule for every round of the program and am always amazed at what it does to my body. No matter what, DON’T skip the yoga x and the ab ripper x. I tried this my first round and my results were not as good. They are in the program for a reason!

P90X schedule

P90X Lean Workout Schedule-this is labeled as being for those “who want a more cardio-based and slightly less intensive program.” Once again, you bought this program for extreme results utilizing muscle confusion. I recommend you try the Classic P90X schedule first. You WILL get lean ripped muscles with the Classic version.

P90X Doubles Schedule- this P90X schedule is pretty much the Classic version with some extra cardio. The Classic schedule though, is extremely intensive. I believe that if you were to add in extra cardio on top of it, you will not only be exercising approx. 2 hours a day at least three times a week (which who has time for that??), but you will also tend to short cut your primary workouts in order to be able to get thru the full 2 hours. This P90X training schedule could have the tendency to be counter productive in my opinion.

Digging Deep,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

P.S. Now that you have your P90X schedule, it’s time to get to work and I’d be thrilled to be a part of your journey (Contact me below).


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  1. Silvia Vanessa Lamb (reply)

    07/04/2016 at 9:56 am

    What do you recomend for a person who has been completely sedentary for more than 2 years, but was a bit fit in the past?

    1. Jessica Bowser Nelson (reply)

      07/06/2016 at 10:40 pm

      I can definitely help Silvia! What’s your best email address? I’ll shoot you some options.

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