Jessica’s Jam: The One Man One Upper

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Hey guys. It’s Jessica Bowser Nelson. It is 2016! This is my very first video series coming at you this year. I’m telling you, 2015 was a really crazy year. I accomplished humongous things in my personal life, in our business…our team, Dare 2 Dream blew my wildest dreams out of the water and this first series that I’m creating for you is going to be, “How to Accomplish Anything.”

I’m going to be sharing 3 different stories that can teach you the principles that you need in your life to get to where you want to go. I was going to kick it off today but I’m going to kind of start on a different note. And that is…the downside of being relentless.

I am a very relentless type person which you will learn over the course of this video series.
But, it turns out, I’m a one upper with myself.
I’m a one man one upper.
I’m a one upper with myself.

And I don’t know if you’re like this or if you know somebody like this.

It’s kind of like when you ARE relentless and when you ARE goal driven and pushing and motivated and digging deep within yourself to accomplish what you want to accomplish in life, it can kind of be a blessing and a curse.

Like I said, I came off last year and I achieved humongous things. I live for challenge. I love pushing myself. I love seeing what I can do next and how I can improve and how I can grow because that’s when I feel ALIVE. But all of a sudden, I found myself achieving these major things that I’m so thankful and grateful for….


then it was almost as if I became insecure and thought..What do I do NOW? And what if I don’t measure up  to that person and those accomplishments I’ve already done?

What if I’m not the person, the coach, the wife that people need me to be?
What if I can’t maintain THAT?

I mean, I had INCREDIBLE abs after Max 30. Ha! What if my abs can no longer look that good or better?

What is that going to mean for me and for my life if I can’t improve or if I don’t improve fast enough or if I let people down…and all of the sudden all of this doubt and all of this frustration and questions and negativity just started pervading my brain. And I mean, I’ve learned. I KNOW ways to combat those voices.

I KNOW the things to do. I’ve got to change my stinkin thinking.
I’ve got to read my books.
I’ve got to focus on the positive and show more gratitude.
It was like SINCE I KNEW all of these things, I was fighting with myself EVEN more.

And really, I tell you all this, just to KNOW! I see SOO many things, especially on social media where everyone looks like they have these picture perfect lives and every photo is like **ding** (insert sparkling tooth- ha!) and it’s not the case.

I love the struggle because it’s where I find my STRENGTHone upper

And when I come out on the other side of anything that I’m dealing with…whether it’s something tangible…whether it’s an issue in my relationship or a death of a friend or something REALLY tangible that’s obviously going to impact you or whether it’s internal where I’m having this fight in my brain or this struggle in my heart or I’m not feeling the passion about something that I want to feel.

Whatever it is, when you get to the other side of the struggle is when you find your STRIDE. Just know, everyone goes thru stuff. They might not always share it. They might not always be vulnerable or put it out there, but to me, I want to go thru stuff so I can grow and so I can have something to share and something to give and so you can know I’ve been there.

I started this year in a weird place.
I was putting a lot of pressure on myself.
I’m my own worst critic.
But that’s also what makes me able to achieve the goals in my life.
To be able to get knocked down and get back up, to have that resiliency, to me, that’s what life’s about.

Whatever you’re going thru…know that you can make it to the other side.

When you’re walking thru hell, keep walking.

Just be encouraged thru that. Keep an eye on your one upper habits. Stay tuned. Over the next 2 weeks, I’m going to be sharing my 3 steps to achieving whatever it is you want in life by being relentless.

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See you guys later!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

one upper

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