Better Results From Your Low Impact Workout

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Hey everybody! It’s Jessica Bowser Nelson and today I want to talk to you about MODIFYING. Modifying is really just going to be altering the move to make it a low impact workout.

So, I just finished my workout. And this past weekend I did a live workout where I lead everyone thru the modified version. I kept getting the same thing over and over. “Man, you’re going FAST!”

Well, here’s the thing, just because you modify, doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be LOW INTENSITY. Instead it’s just an accommodating way to do a certain move if you have limitations.

That limitation could be an injury,
maybe you can’t do any jumping,
or maybe you just don’t want to jar your body as much.

Whatever the instance may be, of course, TRUST your body FIRST. You know your body best. If you are injured, of course, consult a physician before you do any workout.

But, as far as just strictly modifying moves and taking out the higher impact version DOESN’T mean that you have to go slower. So, for example, say the move is a JUMP. The regular move might be like this (refer to video)…That’s the NON modified version. Now the low impact workout version would be something like THIS (refer to video).

Tired knees. It happens.low impact workout

Here’s the thing. I say, I’m NOT going to jump today. My knees are worn out. I’ve been overdoing it. I STILL want to get my workout in though (see pic..ha!). So, I’m not going to do the regular move. Instead, I’m going to a low impact workout (aka the modified version) but I’m going to go at my maximum intensity STILL because I want to get a good workout.

I want to burn calories.
I want to stay lean.
I want to build muscle.
The only issue is my knees.
So, I’m going to do a low impact workout, but I’m going to go AS FAST as I can go. So, I’m doing the move…as you guys can see, it was STILL modified but it was at a higher intensity level. Some of you, I believe, are cutting your workouts short. You’re modifying but you’re also taking it easy.

Go hard.
Increase the intensity.
Decrease the impact.
And you’re still going to get amazing results whether you ever leave the ground or not.

P.S. Hopefully that helped! I’m worn out. I already did my workout today. Hopefully you did too. If you want me to match you up with an at home workout program that can get you crazy results just message me: It’s what I do.

See you guys later!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

low impact workout


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