How Coaching Helped Casey Lose 100 Pounds lose 100 pounds

Casey Walker was not only able to lose 100 pounds in 10 months using at home workout programs and shakeology, but has used his own journey to inspire others. He didn’t have to. But what naturally happens when your life drastically changes, when you get healthy, heck when you lose 100 pounds?? People pay attention. People start asking. He learned quickly that becoming a coach was a natural fit for him as he started seeing results himself and seeing how people were responding to his results.

First Two Weeks Especially Were Toughlose 100 pounds

If you are reading this and are just starting out yourself on your health and fitness journey, know this….it’s NOT easy. Whether you are out to lose 100 pounds or just your last 5 pounds, it will take work. You will have hard days. You will have to show up when you don’t want to and make sacrifices that others aren’t willing to make. THAT is what will set you apart. THAT is what will make you better, healthier and stronger. It won’t be easy (although it will all be laid out for you, thanks to Beachbody), but it will most definitely be worth it when you gain your life back! Casey had his wife, Erica, pushing him and encouraging him. Once he became a coach, he had our team of coaches, Dare 2 Dream, with him every step of the way. You don’t have to do this alone. But, if you question for a second whether or not you can hit your goal or even lose 100 pounds, YOU CAN! Watch this video and hear more from Casey and how he met his goal! P.S. The pic above the video wasn’t a pic of Casey wearing his “before” pants (aka before he was able to lose 100 pounds). It was a pair of jeans that he bought just a few weeks ago with a 36 inch waist! Ha! His transformation has been sustainable! Are you ready to start your journey? Message the person that sent you this or email me at .

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