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The #1 question I get asked is how I get motivated…or how can someone else get motivated and stay motivated. Too many times in life, we sit and wait to get motivated. When the magical fairy dust never lands our hand, we just keep sitting and keep waiting. The thing is, I can’t motivate you. An outside force can help, but the daily grind, the regular actions that YOU must apply that will forever change your life, that responsibility lies in one place. YOU. If you wait for motivation, you will never act. If you only did things when you felt awesome, very few things would ever get done. It’s easy to get motivated when the world is shining on you…the birds are chirping, you have the day off work, no chores to do, the flowers are literally growing on your window sill in front of you..Ha! On those days, you aren’t finding motivation, you just are not experiencing opposition. It’s the days when you are swamped, overworked, tired and it’s raining…those are the days when you are on a desperate search for this motivation dust. Watch this video to see how to get motivated on those days!

Wait. Now you’re telling me I CAN’T get motivated??

The challenge in how to get motivated cannot be conquered unless you realize it doesn’t exist. The true champions, the ones that get results, the ones that live the life you want, they don’t know how to get motivated, they just do it ANYWAYS. Whatever that “thing” is that you want motivation for, treat it is a necessity..a vital behavior to life. Make it non negotiable. Don’t wait to get motivated. Do it anyways. Do it when you feel like it and when you don’t. Some days you will literally have to make yourself. We all do. But you have it within you. Need to get motivated? Go look in the mirror. It’s in you. You can do it.

What To Do To Get Motivated:

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