To Buy P90X3 or Not To Buy P90X3buy P90X3

Today you can officially buy P90X3!

1.)  P90X3 is 30 minutes per day (6 days a week)!!

2.)  39 out of 40 people in the test group lost 10% of there body fat %!  (WOW!)

3.)  The warm-up is 2 minutes, then constant work for the remaining 28 minutes.

4.)  There is a separate warm-up disc called Cold Start, if you need a longer warm-up due to environment, time of day, etc.

5.)  P90X3 is a separate program from p90X and P90X2, not a harder version! You don’t have to do P90X first.

6.)  Anyone can start p90X3, even beginners! Buy P90X3 now!

7.)  The nutrition plan goes back to nutrition basics of Power 90 and healthy eating…nothing hard or fancy, in other words!

Crazy results in only 30 minutes a day!

buy P90X3

8.)  There are 16 workouts in the P90X3 base system.

9.)  The challenge pack combining Shakeology and P90X3 will be on sale for $180 upon its release on December 10th along with free shipping! Program solo will be $120.

10.)  P90X3 will include an all new isometrics workout-A new strength/balance/flexibility workout with static holds.

11.)  It will also include CVX: Cardiovascular extreme- A cardio workout with weights!

12.)  P90X3 has MMX-A mixed martial arts extreme that expands the Kenpo workout.

13.)  P90X3 has a new pilates-based program.

14.)  There are 4 schedules in P90X3-classic, lean, doubles, and bulk.

15.)  If you’ve done P90X or P90X2, you will see similar moves AND a lot of totally new stuff!

16.)  Equipment needed will include weights or bands…( a pull-up bar is great, but optional)  A lot of people use bands for pull-ups.

17.)  Every move in P90X3 has a beginner/modified version, an in-between version, and a challenging/hard version of the move!

18.)  The program is based on the science that suggests the first 30 minutes are the most effective part of any exercise program, so we accelerate the workout to create the most effective 30 minutes.

19.) ABS! Most of ab exercises are athletic in nature, some are standing up and many are front facing instead of on your back!

20.)  P90X3 will be available TODAY, Dec. 10th, 2013! And there are lots of bonuses from ordering from ME this month–Free P90X3 hat, free stickers, free shipping PLUS, I’m giving away $200 the best transformation! Want in? Shoot me a msg at !

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
buy p90x3

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