Brazil Butt Lift Workout Schedule Targets ALL Shapes and SizesBrazil Butt Lift Workout

Do You Suffer Day In and Day Out from a BIG, Pear Shaped or Flat Butt?

Have you been searching for a solution to your butt issues but just not found one? Butt implants too extreme? Padded Jeans just feel plain silly? I get it. IT’S JUST NOT FAIR! You hear the bubble butt girl’s complaining, the flat butt girls complaining AND the pear shaped girls complaining. No matter what your butt shape, most of you are just wishing you could trade places just for one day with someone else! It’s the whole curly hair-straight hair problem. If it’s curly, you want it straight and vice versa. But, very few girls really want a big, pear-shaped OR flat butt. There’s gotta be a way around this! We want a cute, non sagging, saddlebag and cellulite free, perky butt! Is that too much to ask? Ha! Thankfully the Brazil Butt Lift workout schedule has your butt covered!

Brazil Butt Lift Workout Schedule Has “It” Covered

If you haven’t heard of Brazil Butt Lift by now, then allow me to introduce you to bum bum heaven! This is a 30 day exercise program from the makers of P90X and Insanity designed to get your booty high and tight fast! Since we all have different shaped butts, we can’t all do the same routine which is why trainer Leandro Carvalho has designed a specific Brazil Butt Lift Schedule for a big butt, a flat butt AND a pear shaped butt! Odds are your booty can be described as one of these, right? So, with this program, you prescribe your booty shape and get to work. It comes with a complete nutrition plan to follow (vital–especially to get rid of the cellulite), a Brazil Butt Lift workout schedule tailor made for your booty including 6 different workouts and a booty band (this thing is killer on the saddlebags!). The workouts are around 25-35 minutes apiece and depending on what calendar you follow, you double up on some days. Besides the booty band that comes with the program, the only other equipment you need is a pair of leg weights (optional). I HIGHLY recommend you take before photos also. While this might be painful or create an initial nauseous reaction, you will WANT them at the end to see how far your booty has come! I GUARANTEE IT! So take that before photo, put it away in a safe place and tell that big, pear shaped or flat butt adios!

Brazil Butt Lift Workout Schedule Options

Brazil Butt Lift Workout Schedule for:


brazil butt lift workout schedule

 Brazil Butt Lift Workout Schedule for:


brazil butt lift workout schedule

Brazil Butt Lift Workout Schedule for:


Brazil butt lift workout schedule

(there is also a Brazil Butt Lift Combination Schedule for those wanting to maintain)

Check Out These Transformations!

A picture is worth a thousand words! I love love love seeing before and after photos. It shows you what you are capable of when you decide to commit and put in the work. No matter where you are in life, remember, you CAN do it! Put the excuses aside of no time, too busy, too tired, too many children and GO FOR IT! Make time for YOU! I guarantee if you do, you will be far more effective at your job, as a mom, as a friend and as a person. Making time for yourself is not selfish! It is quite the opposite because to give, you have to be built up first! You have to HAVE something to give! By placing priority on your health and fitness, the trickle affect occurs. As you push your body, it begins to affect your entire life positively! HEARS TO STARTING YOUR JOURNEY TO BECOMING THE BEST MOTHER, SISTER, DAUGHTER, WIFE, FRIEND, COWORKER, NEIGHBOR, YOU and having a nice booty in the process 🙂

brazil butt lift workout schedule

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
brazil butt lift workout schedule

P.S. To start your booty transformation and find out which Brazil Butt Lift workout schedule is best for you, CLICK HERE!


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