Jessica’s Jam: How to Accomplish Anything Part 1

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Hey guys! It’s Jessica and I promised you a video series on how to accomplish anything in your life. I’ve really been spending some time contemplating on HOW I’ve gotten to where I have, in my business and in my life and WHAT does it take…why do some people succeed and other people seem to struggle more. It kind of just made me evaluate certain things in my life that taught me certain lessons that I know apply on a regular basis.

The #1 theme that seems to be ringing true, not only in my life but in the other coaches on my team that are succeeding on a grand level, is that we are RELENTLESS.

I started thinking in my life, when was I faced with something where I had a decision..

I could give up..
I could throw in the towel..
I could take a break…
BUT I actually chose not to and INSTEAD I embraced this concept of becoming relentless and how that kind of became a part of who I am.

So, I’m going to be sharing 3 different scenarios from my life with you over the course of the next week or so.
I’m going to start with something I did way back in high school (which actually was AWHILE ago! Ha!).

I was challenged by my dad to earn a scholarship to college because he decided he didn’t want to pay for it. Later in life, I REALLY value that decision because, like I said, because of THAT decision…of him pushing me to go achieve more, to become more, to earn more, to earn that scholarship, played a part in who I’ve become.

So, I knew to get a scholarship, to get into a college, they were mostly judging your SAT scores. So I went and took my SAT and I don’t even remember what my score was…It was probably like a 1200 or so.
But I KNEW to up my chances and to have a better shot, I was going to HAVE to do better.

It’s not like you get study material for the SAT, but it’s more like you need ALL OF THE KNOWLEDGE in the world because you never know what’s going to be on there. I knew there was a reading comprehension section. I knew there was a vocabulary section and then the math section. I rocked out the math section. I’ve always been really good at math. Reading..not so much..especially reading comprehension or vocabulary.

I did what I had to do. I went and I got these little notecards and I started writing the words down from the dictionary. I had a huge pile of cards and with little tiny writing, I started with “a“. I’d write down the word and put the definition on the back.

LINE AFTER LINE AFTER LINE.accomplish anything

And I would carry these around with me everywhere I went and I would PRACTICE.
And I would LEARN.
And I would FORCE myself to memorize all of these definitions ONLY because I wanted to up my SAT score to GET that college scholarship to ACHIEVE that goal.

I didn’t WANT TO memorize the dictionary.

In my free time, I REALLY didn’t want to sit around with these little cards but I knew that in order to get to where I want to go, I had to do SOMETHING and that was all I came up with. So you’re probably waiting for this AMAZING STORY where I all of the sudden got a 1600 on my SAT’s, a perfect score and lived happily ever after.

Well, I went. I took my SAT’s. I knew ALL of these words that I never even knew existed.

I had my VO-CAB-U-LARY down. So what happens? I scored PERFECT on my vocabulary and I missed DOUBLE on my reading comprehension. I don’t know what happened.

It turns out I didn’t improve my score AT ALL. I still ended up getting into an amazing college on a scholarship but my point was that I put in ALL of that effort and ALL of that time and carrying around ALL of those postcards…

Reading and memorizing and reading and memorizing..

And from the outside looking in, it looks like it got me nothing.
I did NOT improve my score.
But what I realize NOW is that was one stepping stone in my life towards helping me realize the need to be relentless, the need to go the extra mile, to do the extra thing whether I’m going to see a direct benefit or not because I’m going to know that I gave it my all and that I didn’t look back.

In turn it built this resiliency inside of me to never give up and to push when I don’t want to and to do the uncomfortable thing because that’s ultimately how you’re going to achieve your goals. So that’s the first story and what helped develop me into this more relentless person that wasn’t just going to bow out or give up. So I hope that was helpful.

P.S. Stay tuned. I’ll be coming with the second crazy scenario in the life of Jessica later on this week to help you accomplish anything. I just want you guys to know that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to and you might fail. You might fail like I did. I put time and effort and sweat and tears into those words, but ultimately, I’m winning. I look forward to sharing more with you guys. Definitely shoot me a message, if you want more info on how to join my Dare 2 Dream team where we lift each other up, we encourage each other and we literally chase new dreams on a daily basis.

See you guys later!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

accomplish anything

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