Jessica’s Jam: How to Accomplish Anything Pt. 3

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Hey guys! It’s Jessica and here’s my FINAL part of my 3 part series on How to Accomplish Anything. I have one more crazy story for you but I want to make sure you aren’t just listening to my crazy stories, but you’re REALIZING what you’ve got to do to become relentless in your life.

So my last stories involved (as you know)..having taken you thru high school, then thru college, thru one of my jobs, and now that I’d graduated college and moved onto working, I ended up in the restaurant industry. I worked in Atlanta for some time after that day when I quit the mortgage industry. I walked literally down to the parking lot and went straight back into the restaurant industry and got a job waiting tables.

When I came back to Jacksonville to move back closer to my family, I had goals. I was going to stay in the restaurant industry because I loved the flexibility that it offered me. I was able to take off when I wanted to. I was able to earn more money when I wanted to by picking up shifts or staying many opportunities there. Honestly, I was just spoiled.

I KNEW, though, that I wanted to work in the NICEST restaurant in Jacksonville, because I didn’t want to put a ceiling on what I was capable of earning.
I would ask around…
would tell me: Ruth’s Chris.
It’s a high end steakhouse. Here in Jacksonville, it’s one of the top producing Ruth’s Chris’ in the country and it’s on the water also.
So, I knew…THAT’S where I’ve GOT TO work.
I went and applied and I got an interview.
And I’m thinking… This is in the BAG, right?
Especially because I came from Atlanta, so I knew I had high end, fine dining experience and that it would be easier for me with my resume to get a job there. The interview went GREAT. I felt like I got along great with the General Manager. He seemed positive.

You just get a feeling if you’ve ever gone on a job interview…you kind of know when you leave…either: Oooo, I screwed that one up.. OR.. you’re kind of expecting THE CALL.

He let me know THAT was a GREAT interview and I’d LOVE to hire you, BUTTTTTT…. (and we all know what “but” means)..
He said he just didn’t have the availability for me. He didn’t have room on his schedule. He didn’t need me.
But in my brain, I’m like….BUT I HAVE TO WORK HERE because THAT’S what I told myself and I’m a DETERMINED individual, so we’ve got to work this out.

That’s what I’m thinking in my head.

He even went so far to call Morton’s, another local steakhouse and try to get me an interview over THERE. He was THAT helpful and I was really appreciative. I went home and had that appointment set to go interview at Morton’s.

THAT wasn’t my GOAL.
I wanted to work in the nicest restaurant and this is what I was told over and over again was the nicest restaurant at that time.
So, a normal person, perhaps, might have figured..I need to go focus on this Morton’s interview. I need to go find another job. I was told NO, right?

Well, not me because I AM RELENTLESS.accomplish anything

Instead, I went home and emailed the General Manager of Ruth’s Chris and tried to think of ways to set me apart that would make it where he couldn’t resist hiring me by being complimentary and by sharing whatever I could to possibly convince him to give it a second thought, no matter WHAT his current schedule looked like.

I’m sharing this with you so you know that ANYTHING is possible and that you CAN accomplish ANYTHING.

He called me back and he ended up hiring me!!! He hired me and let me know..“I don’t have a lot of shifts for you so you can’t be upset if you’re not working a lot,” and literally within 2-3 weeks, I was full time on the staff once I completed training.

So this is another testament to when I DIDN’T GIVE UP when all of the odds said, you SHOULD give up.
He said he’s not hiring you. Do you want a job?
Normal thinking would be…go get a job somewhere else.
But I decided NOT to be normal.
I decided to be RELENTLESS, to go after what I want and to not stop until I get it.
When you have this attitude about anything in life, that no matter how hard it is, how many times you get rejected, but that you keep getting back up and you get back up STRONGER than when you fell down, you WILL accomplish ANYTHING in life.
I don’t care if this is your health and fitness goals, if this is your diet, if this is your job, if you’re trying to get a promotion at your work, if you have BIG DREAMS and right now you’re stuck in a reality that’s not going to get you there, MAKE A CHANGE.
Don’t just complain about it.
Don’t just let it upset you.
But DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT because you TRULY CAN accomplish ANYTHING when you give it every single thing you’ve got and THEN MORE. You’re going to realize in life, when you THOUGHT you had nothing left, you DO have something left.


I hope this helps somebody today! That’s the final part of my 3 part series on How to Accomplish Anything.

P.S. I would love to hear a story in your life where you’ve applied these principles or what you’re ABOUT to apply it to that’s going to make a difference in your life. Shoot me a message at I would love to hear from you! Or, if you would like information on how to join my Dare 2 Dream team also shoot me a message. It’s what I do. I help people realize what they’re capable of in life and not stop until you get there.

See you guys later!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

accomplish anything

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