Jessica Bowser Nelson

So thrilled you have stopped by my blog!

I am Jessica Bowser Nelson and I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband Brian.

This blog is about health, fitness and the motivation to get it done!

I have always found value in exercise and eating healthy, but I am not a professional. I am a self proclaimed FITNESS ENTHUSIAST! Why? It brings people to life! It rids your day of stress and truly EMPOWERS you! Nothing compares to the feeling you get after you killed a workout. Problems get smaller as you rise above! Champions emerge thru dedication and commitment! BUT, it wasn’t always this way. I started my true fitness journey a few years ago. I was tired. I was working long hours waiting tables in a high end steakhouse. My marriage was horrible. I was depressed and drained. I knew my life was meant for more, but it was quickly slipping away from me. I took a lot of crying showers–some of you know what I mean. I tried to put on a happy face but knew I was getting worse at fooling people. I had just lost my way. Enter Beachbody. (yes–I am an Independent Beachbody Coach).

Brian and Jessica
Brian and me! We are now DARING TO DREAM TOGETHER!

I became a coach for one reason–I WAS TIRED! I WAS DRAINED! I had done P90X and Chalean Extreme and I was halfway into Insanity and had no clue how I was going to finish this program. While I was depressed and lost, there was one thing I wasn’t and that was a quitter! I was finishing this program! Rumor had it “some superfood shake” could help me get through it. I DID NOT want to drink a shake! Liquid calories! NO!! But, I heard I could drink the whole bag and return it empty and get a full refund. I am most definitely the person that would do it! Long story short, that “superfood shake” (shakeology) helped me tremendously. I finished the program and came out a CHAMPION! I felt like I could conquer the world! I embraced the coaching opportunity and started paying it forward helping others. By helping others, I WAS TRANSFORMED! I WAS ALIVE AGAIN! And now, I am committed to this journey for life! I want nothing more than to help SOMEONE–ANYONE that needs it! My life has been changed thru fitness, health and my team of coaches, Dare 2 Dream.

As you explore my blog, please comment!!! I love reading them! And definitely sign up for a free account to have me as your personal Coach! If you take one thing away from me, KNOW that YOU ARE CAPABLE OF GREAT THINGS!

Dare 2 Dream,

Jessica Bowser Nelson



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