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workouts for women

This photo had me cracking up because I used to be a gym rat, back in the day, and always found it so odd how a lot of the workouts for women solely consisted of hours on the stair stepper, elliptical or treadmill. I would see these gym workout routines for women lasting an hour or even two hours a day! And months later, I would see the SAME girl on the SAME stair stepper and she didn’t look any different then when I saw her months prior. I’m sure she was also staring questioningly at herself in the mirror daily and complaining to her friends about her hard work that wasn’t producing any results. I’ve been there. I’ve wondered around a gym hitting every machine and spending extra time on the ab roller and the abductor adductor machine–you know the one. It is the most inappropriate machine that leaves you with your legs wide open. I would time it just right and run over when nobody was around to work those problem inner and outer thighs. Oh the turmoil us females go thru! Ha! And after hitting every machine…after doing crunches inverted…after banging out the abductor adductor machine, I also wasn’t seeing much change. There HAS to be better workouts for women! Geesh!

Thank God for Beachbody

Thankfully I came across Beachbody, the top producers of at-home fitness programs. They have tons of at home workouts for women that are giving females GREAT results every single day! All you have to do is determine your goal, the fitness level you are ready to conquer and they truly have something for everyone! Whether it be workouts to lose weight or toning or lifting that booty, you name it! Here are a few of my favorite workouts for women (in no particular order):

1. Brazil Butt Lift–the name says it all! Killer workouts targeting your core, thighs and booty (YES PLEASE)! You are trained by Leandro, the Victoria Secret’s Angel’s trainer who focuses on getting us the butt we want without bulking our legs. For all levels. 30 day calendar.

2. Turbofire–fun music in a crazy cardio dance party! There are bursts of HIIT intervals mixed in with fun punching, kicking and dancing all to great jams! You won’t feel like you are working out because of the high energy, contagious fun! For intermediate to advanced levels. 90 day calendar.

3. Chalean Extreme–tone, tone, tone! The concept behind Chalean Extreme is to lift heavy! What? Yep! Chalene really knows the female body! This will leave your arms, butt and thighs looking fantastic! Like a P90X for females. For all levels. 90 day calendar. (**GREAT body toning workouts for women in this program)

4. Les Mills Pump–the opposite of Chalean Extreme; workouts for womenthis program focuses on the rep effect: low weight, high reps and is inspired by the popular workout class in gyms across the world. Comes with the barbell and plates. Will also tone the whole body and has great music. Great for males or females of all levels. 90 day calendar.

5. Les Mills Combat–combines 7 types of martial arts in a kick butt, cardio inspired workout. Great for males or females looking to shed pounds and aggression. Ha! Also inspired by the Les Mills group fitness classes in gyms all over the world. Great music and for all levels. 90 day calendar.

6. Insanity–nuf said. It’s insane. Crazy cardio interval training that will push you to the next level. Great for males and females that are ready to leave it all on the floor and you will in puddles of sweat. For intermediate to advanced. 60 day calendar.

7. Hip Hop Abs/ Rockin Body–for anyone ready to get their groove on! You get 2 workouts in the dance party challenge pack. This is a super fun hip hop style dance workout that will get you burning calories without even realizing it. Shaun T guides you thru dance moves that will get you abs without getting on the floor! For beginners to intermediate.

These are some of my suggestions for GREAT workouts for women! But, no matter what you doing, if you are doing SOMETHING, then that is a great start!!! KEEP IT UP! Keep going! Push harder each day! You are capable!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
workouts for women







P.S. Need help choosing one of these full body exercises for women, just comment below and I will be thrilled to help!

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