At Home Workouts for Men

workouts for menI don’t know about you, but when I workout, I want every single rep, squat, lunge to count! I want results! I have no doubt most of you feel this way, especially men! It never fails. My husband can workout for one day and will walk into the room, lift up his shirt and ask me if I can see a difference. I freeze. I know there is most definitely a right and wrong answer in this moment. But, I also know one workout, while it might FEEL like your whole body changed as you scrape yourself off the floor, won’t cut it. So, I searched high and low for workouts for men that would challenge him, keep his interest and provide results fast enough where he would keep going, because, let’s be honest, he would prefer sitting on the couch, sleeping til noon and “super value meal” were his 3 favorite words.

Workouts for Men that Get Results!!!

workouts for men1. P90X– the muscle confusion concept will get you crazy results fast. Period. Levels: intermediate to advanced. Equipment: dumbbells, pull-up bar. 90 day program. **one of my all time favorite workouts for men!

2. Power 90– not quite ready for P90X? Get a strong base first with Power 90. (P90X was named after Power 90 Extreme) Levels: beginner. Equipment: dumbbells or bands. 90 day program.

3. Insanity-insane. GREAT way to shed lbs fast and push yourself to the next level! Intense, interval cardio training using your body as resistance. Levels: intermediate to advanced. Equipment: NONE. 60 day program. **one of my all time favorite workouts for men!

workouts for men

4. Combat-combines 7 types of martial arts in a kick butt, cardio inspired workout. Great for those looking to shed pounds and aggression. Ha! Also inspired by the Les Mills group fitness classes in gyms all over the world. Levels: all. Equipment: average weight set of dumbbells. 90 day program.

5. Asylum– CRAZY sports training utilizing the agility ladder and jump rope (both come with the program). Will improve your sports performance while developing the true athlete inside of you. Levels: intermediate to advanced. Equipment: average weight set of dumbbells. 30 day program.

6. Body Beast– got muscle? Want to bulk up? This program is for you. It’s designed to maximize muscle gains and weight loss. You WILL Beast UP! Levels: all. Equipment: E-Z Curl Bar, Workout Bench with adjustable back (alternative: premium stability ball), Chin-Up Bar. Full supplements come in pack. 90 day program.

BUT, no matter if you choose one of these workouts for men or something else, REMEMBER, nutrition is VITAL to your success!! Each of these workout programs come with a complete nutrition guide, calendar and a month supply of shakeology to jumpstart your results. If you are anything like my husband, then ALL OF THIS IS NECESSARY to your success! Don’t cut yourself short and don’t make the hard work harder. Embrace the full process, pick one of these fitness workouts for men and let’s get your transformation started!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
workouts for men

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