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Hey guys, it’s Jessica!
I just finished my workout routine and I’m here having my Shakeology, but I wanted to make a short video for you to help you in your workout routine to help you go longer, to kind of do a move longer. Especially if you’re doing Insanity Max:30 or anything with intense moves, what’s going to happen is,
Your muscles are going to get burnt out.
You’re going to want to quit.
You’re going to need a break.
So this is kinda my little tidbit that helps me go longer in my workout routine.

What muscle am I using??workout routine

So I’m just going to pick a move and you can apply this to any move though in your workout routine… So for example, I’m just gonna use lunge pulses. So, you’re in the move. It’s a puls. Here you can see me from the side. All I’m gonna be doing is pulsing… so the key when I’m pulsing, is what muscle am I using? So when I start out, my very first pulse, what am I tightening? You know, I’m tightening right here. I’m tightening my thigh… and I’m pulsing, and I’m pulsing…
and it’s starting to BURN!
And my mind is saying QUIT!
But instead I’m going to put the power into a different part of my body so  in this move I might squeeze my obliques… so I’m still here (pulsing)… but instead of focusing my energy here (on my legs), I’m focusing it in my abs. So I’m tightening my core more. I can keep going. Now guess what? My core is starting to shake! It’s getting tired and I already burnt out my thighs so I can’t go back there. So now what am I doing? I’m tightening my left butt cheek! Haha, not kidding!!! So now that I’m doing that, it’s like you’re starting all over and you can go longer in your workout routine.
So once I burn out there,
I might bring it back to my thigh,
bring it back to my core,
bring it back to my left butt cheek…

Transfer your energy during your workout routine!

But the point is, if you transfer your energy, then you can stay in the move longer and you’re also working more parts of your body. So you can do this for so many moves, no matter what move you’re doing, just think… Can you use your arms? Can you use your legs? Can you use your quads? Can you use your core? And kind of transfer the energy.
You’re be able to last longer,
you’re working more body parts,
and you’ll get a better work out!

P.S. So hopefully this helped you. If you want to get started on your health and fitness journey, shoot me an email at I will hook you up with a 30 minute per day workout routine that will get you INSANE results and get you feeling great about yourself!
See you guys later!

Digging Deeper,

Jessica Bowser Nelson

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  1. Lisa Brinkmann (reply)

    07/07/2015 at 12:58 pm

    Thanks Jessica!!! Yes I’ve tried this trick before & it does help a lot. Thank you for always motivating me to keep working out!!!

    1. Jessica Bowser Nelson (reply)

      07/08/2015 at 6:50 am

      Awww Yay Lisa!!! So happy to hear! Thanks for stopping by!

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