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What job is right for me? When I was in elementary school I wanted to be a postman when I grew up (I loved mail, I loved walking outside–kind of like playing, right–and how cool would it be to drive on the opposite side of the car?)….or a garbage man (they get to ride on the back of the truck..nuf said!). I could tell people weren’t too excited about my career decisions. When I was in high school, I wrote a paper on how I would love to be a flight attendant. get paid to fly all over the world vs paying them? PERFECT! I got a bad grade for a poor life choice. “I could do better.” WHAT? In college, when choosing my major, I went straight to the health and physical education table only to be told that someone with my grades (I was a nerd) didn’t belong at that table. I should head on over to the business department or something more prestigious. I did, reluctantly and still boggled by the thought of what job is right for me.

What Job is Right for Me?

what job is right for meHere’s the thing. I had it right all along! What job is right for me? Uhhh…the job THAT I WILL ENJOY! So what happened? I majored in International Business with a minor in Russian and Spanish but I continued waiting tables for the next ten years. My heart wasn’t in it! I didn’t want to give my life to something I wasn’t passionate about! Even in elementary school I knew to go after my passion, but I let other circumstances and other people stop me in my tracks. So, now that I’m older and wiser, I have finally found out what job is right for me in regards to my passion and matching my personality.

Are You a Type A or Type B Personality?what job is right for me

The personality type theory was introduced in the 1950s by Friedman & Rosenman. They were relating the study to heart disease and deducted that Type A personalities were at a greater risk. Welp, I’m a type A personality without a doubt, but I DO NOT accept the heart disease diagnosis! Here are some questions though, to help you determine whether you are a type A or type B:

• Do you feel guilty if you use spare time to relax?

• Do you need to win in order to derive enjoyment from games and sports?

• Do you generally move, walk and eat rapidly?

• Do you often try to do more than one thing at a time?

From their responses, and from their manner, each participant was put into one of three groups:

Type A behavior: competitive, ambitious, impatient, aggressive, fast talking. (ALL YES! So me!)

Type B behavior: relaxed, non-competitive.

Type C behavior: ‘nice,’ hard working but become apathetic when faced with stress.

How I Combined My Passion with my Personality

I knew I was passionate about helping people–nothing like it, in my opinion! I knew I loved health and fitness–well, really how I felt AFTER I worked out! Endorphins are a wonderful thing! I knew I was a crazy hardworker and, no matter where I worked, I was making SOMEONE a LOT of money. I knew that I wanted every single thing that I could squeeze out of life. I knew I was driven and competitive. I liked to win and I liked numbers. The control freak in me wanted to own my own business or be my own boss. I knew I had what it took to be successful, I just needed an avenue. Type A, you think? So what would be a good job for me?

Well, I never would’ve imagined that for the past 2.5 years I would have been my own boss helping people with programs such as Insanity and P90X and introducing them to the ultimate nutrition what job is right for mefound in Shakeology. I work whenever I want; wherever I want. My success is directly tied to my own efforts. WOOO HOOO! My job is to help people! And the more people I help, the more money I make! Not only is that sooo amazingly gratifying but it is truly a dream come true! I don’t just help people with physical transformations, but I also train others to start their own businesses just like mine! CHANGING LIVES, I TELL YOU–paying it forward!

I earn monetary bonuses (I’m getting a car allowance bonus each month right now!) and incentive rewards (duffle bags, shirts, hats, workout programs) and trips (to the Bahamas, Disney, cruises) which all play in nicely with my Type A personality. Are you a Type A personality constantly asking yourself “what job is right for me?” I can help! I would love to help! My life is forever changed and I want nothing more than to share it with others!  In hindsight, I am thankful I didn’t jump on the postman job or the flight attendant job. I’m thankful I kept asking what job is right for me. I know now all of those experiences have led me to this moment just as your life has brought you to read this blog. Think about it. Coincidence? I think not.

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
what job is right for me

P.S. If you are tired of the endless search asking yourself, “What job is right for me?” then click here and join me as a Beachbody coach-helping people reach their goals while we reach ours!


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