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Everyone struggles with weight loss motivation from time to time. We are human, after all. But, the key is to find solutions to stay on track. New workout clothes, your favorite music jamming, bribing yourself with presents when you reach certain goals, a workout buddy…all can help your progress. But, what if you don’t have extra money to bribe yourself with presents or new workout clothes? What if you just don’t have a workout buddy or say they got sick this week? What if your ipod dies? WHAT THEN? Do you throw in the towel and take the week off? NOOOOO! But I do have a great solution to your dwindling daily weight loss motivation.

Missing Piece to the Puzzle

weight loss motivation

What if you had an exercise angel on your shoulder all day everyday? This is the beauty of challenge groups. A challenge group is an online, private facebook group that lasts 30 days and is designed to simply hold you accountable to your weight loss goals. You are paired with other people just like you that are wanting to lose inches, tone up, build muscle, gain energy, get their life back, lose the baby weight, get a booty lift, destroy cellulite, LIVE AGAIN, etc. Over the course of the 30 days, you check-in daily. You report your workout and your nutrition. It is all about celebrating your successes and encouraging each other on the days you just don’t have the exercise motivation. The key is honesty. You are committed to 30 days of vulnerability and dedication. You can do anything for thirty days, right? The best part is YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Everyone in the group is sharing and relating to each others struggles and experiences. There is strength in numbers! And thirty days is just long enough to develop habits that can change your entire life! What are you waiting for?

Entry Ticket to the Challenge Group

These challenge groups are an all exclusive opportunity designed to get you results fast, while providing weight loss motivation and accountability. To reserve your spot, you simply need a challenge pack. The challenge pack comes with a full workout program based on your specific goals, a no guesswork, complete nutrition guide, a workout calendar telling you what workouts to do each day, 30 day free access to an online meal planner, a month supply of the amazing, superfood loaded, meal replacement shakeology, free shipping and a month’s admission to the online challenge group. All you have to do from there is follow the directions. It is all mapped out for you! You have the tools, the weight loss motivation, the map…now, you just have to decide, commit and you will succeed!!! Are you ready?? Click here to choose your pack!

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Jessica Bowser Nelson
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