Vanilla Shakeology Nutrition Facts Revealedvanilla shakeology nutrition facts

I have been a label reader as far back as I can remember so I was super excited to check out the new vanilla shakeology nutrition facts. Trust me! This meal replacement, superfood packed shake is unlike the protein shake you have collecting dust on the top of your fridge. It is nutrient dense and will leave you feeling amazing! I am a born skeptic. So while people might say it’s amazing, I still like to see the proof on paper, hence the vanilla shakeology nutrition facts. And remember, shakeology is ALL natural! This SHOULD matter to you! I was a die hard splenda fan forever until I realized I was getting super jittery and it wasn’t due to coffee. I switched to natural brown sugar and eventually to stevia and the jitters went away! STAY AWAY from artificial sweeteners! I’m talking anything that says “diet”, “zero calories” or “sugar free” most likely has something artificial in it. It’s not worth it! Run the other away! Thankfully the makers of shakeology are committed to giving our bodies what it needs and in its unprocessed, purest form.

Vanilla Shakeology Nutrition Facts

For the vanilla shakeology nutrition facts pdf, click here.

vanilla shakeology nutrition facts


For the shakeology nutrition content of the chocolate, vegan tropical and greenberry flavors, click here.

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vanilla shakeology nutrition facts

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