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team beachbody coach

So you’ve done some research on becoming a team beachbody coach. You know about the Independent Beachbody Coach opportunity, but odds are, you have your fears, your hesitancies, your apprehensions. I’m here to tell you that YOU SHOULD! What? That’s right. You SHOULD! I know what you’re thinking. Now is when I will go into a long rant telling you all about the Team Beachbody Coach Scam and how you should run as far away as possible from anyone even mentioning the words! Not quite. Becoming a team beachbody coach is actually one of, if not, the best decision I ever made but that doesn’t mean apprehensions, fears and nervousness didn’t come right along with it. Here’s the thing. I find anytime I do something of value, I get nervous. Think about it….what makes you nervous? Job interviews, important phone calls, riding a roller coaster, giving birth, bungee jumping, etc. All of these things can make you nervous, BUT all for a good reason! I find if you are considering being a team beachbody coach and you are nervous or fearful, then that simply means you are taking it seriously and will be a great coach in the long run! CONGRATS!

I Hate Selling, so I OBVIOUSLY Can’t Be a Team Beachbody Coach

WRONG! Quite the contrary, actually! Every single day I hear from people that think my job as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach sounds super cool–which it IS, by the way:) I get to help people every single day (dream come true) and get rewarded for nicely for doing it (crazy money, cool vacations, life changing friendships–I pinch myself often). But, after they say how cool my job is, I hear,

  • “I don’t want to sell.”
  • “I would never want to be pushy.”

My response to this: PERFECT! Being a team beachbody coach has NOTHING to do with selling! And actually, the more you go into Mr. Salesman mode, the more you will struggle as a coach. What do I mean? Well, people don’t want to be “sold”. I can’t stand going car shopping, being on the line with a customer sales rep or entering a store with an over aggressive sales person for the same reason. Pressure, awkwardness, feeling backed into a corner, being strong armed, forced to do things I don’t want to do, feeling clammy, giving in and purchasing something I didn’t even want or scurrying out the door with my tail between my legs promising to NEVER return to that store under any circumstances! Gulp.

Team Beachbody Coach Wanted For Killing Salesmen Everywhere

team beachbody coach

But, being a team beachbody coach is very different and requires that you put the salesman inside of you, to death! YEP, kill him! He doesn’t belong in coaching world. He won’t succeed. OFF WITH HIS HEAD! Here’s the thing. Coaching is more about helping and relating to people based on your experience. Once you start drinking shakeology and doing these workouts (P90X, Insanity, Turbofire, Asylum) regularly, you can’t help but to talk about it. When you go to the movies and see one you love, what do you do? YOU TELL SOMEONE! When you go out to eat and have the best steak that’s ever crossed your lips, what do you do? YOU TELL SOMEONE! The same is true as a team beachbody coach. As you go about your health and fitness journey and start to see and feel results, YOU TELL SOMEONE! THAT is what being a team beachbody coach is all about. It is about embracing the life changing opportunity and paying it forward to help others in the same way it has helped you! If you had the cure to a dreadful disease, odds are, you would share it! I was a gym rat for years working out hours a day with very little visible results before I started P90X. My marriage sucked. I was depressed. I cried all the time and was really just disappointed in myself on where I’d let my life go. team beachbody coachI was lost. Then I became a Team Beachbody Coach. As a team beachbody coach, I refound my purpose.  It was a profound light bulb moment in my life. I started sharing and helping people and the more I did, the better I felt. This is not because I was selling people. This was because as a team beachbody coach, I was taking a genuine interest and concern in helping people the same way I’d been helped. We have the ability to fight obesity, to change lives and, thankfully, Beachbody has given us the opportunity as coaches to share it with others! What are you waiting for? DEATH TO THE SALESMAN! It’s time for you to become a team beachbody coach because we’ve got some sharing to do!

Digging Deep,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
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