Does the T25 Workout Really Work?t25 workout

I am a week and a half into Shaun T’s T25 workout and LOVING IT! There are over 150 people in my private challenge group on facebook so far and we are all pushing play for only 25 minutes a day! Some of the best things about the T25 workout:

  1. the workouts are 25 minutes long exactly (there is a 2-3 minute cool down afterwards)
  2. the meal plan has super simple recipes with only 5 ingredients each and that take approx. 5 minutes to prepare
  3. every single workout has a modifier (Tanya from Insanity) so this truly is a workout for all fitness levels JUST MODIFY!
  4. I don’t care who you are, you have 25 minutes a day; this program is EXCUSE PROOF!

T25 Workout Comments From My Challengers:

(and remember, we are less than 2 weeks in)

“Week 2 – Day 1 Done!  Barely made it..With modified..BUT at 57 I am just proud to finish!” Debra

“Just completed cardio.  Love it feel like I can take on anything now.” Scott

“So week 2 started today. Lovin it. Weighed in 3 pounds lighter. This is the fastest result I’ve  had in maybe 11 years.” Karen

T25 workout

“I spent more time trying to talk myself OUT of my workout than it TOOK me to workout! But I made it!” Leslie

“Alpha Cardio is done! Working out on my honeymoon has to count for something right?!” Laura

“Done! Thanks for motivating me everyone!” Leslie

“Lost 2.5lbs first week.  6.25 inches overall, 3 of those in my waist alone.” Kelly

“Love this workout! I swear I just worked out for a hour, but it was only 25 min !!!!” Mike

“Total Body – Oh how I love you!! I got it done before the concrete guy came over to give an estimate on a patio for us! THANK GOODNESS For an AMAZING 25 min workout so I had NO EXCUSE but to just go up to Press Play!! WHOOP” Lindsay

 Here’s a Preview of the Focus T25 Workout: Total Body Circuit

Keep in mind, I am doing the full out T25 workout, not the modified version, but that option is available.

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
T25 workout

P.S. To take the Focus T25 workout challenge and join the 100+ people in my private challenge group, click here.

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