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The new strawberry shakeology will be available next week on Monday, January 13th! I got a few free  samples in the mail for being an Elite Beachbody Coach to try out beforehand and wanted to share my review with you all! Now, first things first, I’m not a fruit person. I don’t like juice, apple pie, berries on my cheesecake or worst of all, fruity candy like runts, HECK NO! If I am going for a flavor, it will involve chocolate, peanut butter, coffee or something like that. So, the thought of strawberry shakeology didn’t excite me as much as most people. But, I was still super pumped to try it! The more people we can get drinking this amazing, dose dense of nutrition every day, the better! I don’t care what flavor you prefer: vanilla, chocolate, tropical, greenberry or now, strawberry shakeology. The key is getting it into your system on a regular basis. It is all natural and unprocessed amazingness. I have one friend that says to eat the powder if you have to! Ha! It is THAT good for you! Thankfully, it tastes good too, though 🙂

To Drink or Not to Drink Strawberry Shakeology

So, the good news about strawberry shakeology…

The texture is perfect! It’s not chalky or gritty. It doesn’t have an odd after taste. Its smooth and creamy and goes down like butter! Ha! The taste isn’t too sweet but rather just has a refreshing strawberry flavor. YAY!

The bad news about strawberry shakeology…

I know a lot of you like making creative, fancy recipes for your shakeology. Whether you are adding almond milk, bananas, strawberries, mango, cherries, peanut butter, vanilla extract, etc, with the new strawberry shakeology, you don’t have to add a thing! As you saw in the video, I wanted to try it with water only and IT PASSED THE TEST! I would actually dare to say this is my favorite flavor when added to water only! So no more grocery shopping for you and no excuses not to drink it on the go! The shaker cup works wonders in the airport, in the car, at work, when people are sleeping and you can’t run the blender, and when its cold outside and you don’t want a frozen drink.

The ugly news about strawberry shakeology..

The you are going to have a HARD time choosing which flavor you want every day! But, they thought of that too! These Beachbody people are ON IT! Besides creating the healthiest shake on the market in the most amazing flavors, they will now let us have their top three flavors in one pack! It’s NEOPOLITAN! Too cool! You have no excuse now! If you are nervous about trying a new flavor, you can start off with just a few in the multipack. You get 8 strawberry, 8 vanilla and 8 chocolate. That way, also, if you tend to get tired of the same flavor over time, you have options! So now that you know the good, the bad and the ugly, it’s time to add shakeology into your daily routine and get your body saying AHHHH! Message me here to learn how to get a discount on your shakeology! You might as well save a little because you are going to want to be drinking this for a long time!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

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