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Nobody plans on starting over in life. But, thankfully, when Pam’s family was forced due to life circumstances, what seemed to be a tough time, turned into the best thing that could’ve happened!

Starting Over.. Not By Choice

“Rewind to 2007 – after a tremendous financial loss for my husband’s business; we had to start over in life. I was depressed, saddened, and afraid. I became extremely thin at this time. Since, we were starting over we made the decision to move. We were starting over in Orange Beach, AL (a small paradise). I had never moved before, so this was very scary. Not just for me, but for all 5 of us. Now, fast forward to 2008-09. I started working full time, which meant our daughter had to go to daycare for the first time in her life so the sickness began for her. The boys had to ride the bus home and be alone for 2 hours. Even though they were old enough to be alone, it still made me sad and worried. With Molly being sick so much, I had to miss work a lot.  I had experienced this with both of my boys being sick and me working, but we lived near family and friends then. My parents had helped tremendously with our children. But in a new town we had no back up, so I would have to miss work. I hated having to choose between my sick child and a job – I had to choose my children. All of this stress began to take a toll on my health and well-being. I quit my job and I lost myself.

Things Started Easing Up Finallystarting over

Fast-forward to 2010. Things were easing up on the Reese family. We had settled into our new town, purchased a new home, and became friends with our new neighbors. Starting over turned out not to be so bad. In fact, this neighbor and I began an awesome journey together that year and I will forever be thankful to Audra Deblieux. She got me off of the couch, finished pulling me out of a depression, she got me drinking Shakeology, and then with the help of Alli Vaughn Upham; Audra was able to sign me up as a Beachbody Coach. I started simply to get the discount on my monthly Shakeology in the beginning. But, I soon realized the benefits I was receiving from this incredible drink. I had energy again. I was working out daily again. I had reduced moodiness and a HUGE reduction in sugar cravings and carb cravings, but most of all, I was healthy and found myself again. Being introduced to Beachbody has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I have grown into a more positive person and been able to meet some AMAZING people.

From then til nowstarting over

Beachbody has taught me to make goals and that nothing is unachievable. To name a few of my goals/achievements:  I’m a certified  Turbo Kick Instructor, I have hosted numerous Super Saturdays at my home (with Audra’s assistance), I have worked numerous health events with Audra, I have helped host a Fit Club with Audra,  I’ve attended  Beachbody’s Coach Summits 2012 & 2013 in Las Vegas, NV, I’ve had the honor of attending two Women’s Diamond Retreats, I have advanced in my Beachbody Coaching status from Emerald to Diamond ranking, I have been able to shake hands and speak with most of the Beachbody Trainers , CEO’s, and the Shakeology Creator, I’ve had my name mentioned on the Beachbody National Call, I’ve had my name displayed at Summit in Las Vegas, I achieved an invite to the 2012 Success Club event held in Walt Disney, I will achieve the 2013 Success Club Royal Caribbean Cruise to set sail in March 2014 and so much more. Beachbody is an awesome company that I’m privileged to be a part of and has been A BLESSING to me and to my family. My lifestyle and the lifestyle of my family has forever been changed and I humbly thank the Lord above for all of my blessings and for guiding me to make the decisions that have lead me to today and will continue to lead me. To my husband Rob Reese, Audra Deblieux, Beachbody, Jessica Nelson, Julie Schulte, Dare 2 Dream and Team Ignite, and to all of my personally sponsored coaches and Beachbody Customers, God Bless!” To connect with Pam on Facebook, click here.

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
starting over

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