Shaun T – The Phenom

shaun tYou’ve seen him. You know him. Odds are if you’ve done one of his workouts (Insanity, Asylum, etc), you have an odd sense of love yet equal disdain for him. He is Shaun T. Shaun T is of a special breed. He is welcoming and friendly (must be a result of his true passion: dance; dancers are nice, right?) yet knows how to push you beyond what your mind can comprehend (after all, his abs HAVE abs!). He is the epitome of someone walking the walk. He practices what he preaches and inspires us all along the way.

Then There’s Me

I’m a Beachbody fan. I started with P90X (crazy results), went onto Chalean Extreme to focus more on the female attributes, then Insanity appeared. I have always loved a challenge. Tell me I Shaun T can’t do something and I will be the first to get it done. Challenge is my life blood. Insanity had my name written all over it. At this time, little did I know, it was my formative Shaun T stalking years. Insanity pushed me harder than I thought possible and made me just an all around better human being. Yes, I am referring to an AT HOME WORKOUT DVD! Nuts, right? I agree. I was shocked.

Then Shaun T creates Asylum. Man. Talk about taking me to the next level. This is when the stalking got a little craaaaaaazy. After all, I spent every single day with Shaun T. We sweated, we moaned, we pushed. I yelled at him; he yelled back. I cried (okay. maybe not, really). But I did ALMOST curse at times. We were two peas in a pod, Shaun T and I. He’s go with me everywhere. I would talk about Shaun T in regular conversation. “This morning when me and Shaun T were doing push up jacks….” After all, we were accountability partners and friends, right? We were best friends. 🙂

Best Friends Forever: Shaun T and ME!

Since our friendship has flourished thru blood thru sweat thru tears (hey..abs don’t come easily), Shaun T and I have been many places:

shaun t
On a Caribbean Cruise!
shaun t
To Vegas! What happens in Vegas..
To the Atlantis in the Bahamas!
To the Atlantis in the Bahamas!
shaun t
To Vegas Again! We like Vegas!

I even busted in him once……….SHAUN T! I’m not your type! He was really just holding me accountable-making sure I had been getting low in my squats. That’s definitely what he was doing. He’s my trainer–GEESH!

shaun t

Thru it all, he has always been by my side. I’ve moved onto Asylum 2 (which is my all time favorite workout) and now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Shaun T at my front door in June for the reveal of his new workout T-25. I must finish my ode to Shaun T, my best friend, with a compilation of his best sayings. Did I miss one? Let me know!

“This isn’t a coffee break people!”

“This Sh$t is bananas yo!”

“Why do I do what I do? (dramatic pause) Because I want to look good!”

” Sometimes I wish I could get my hip all the way to the floor.”

“You never wore a sports bra before this did you?”

“This is crazy, just like me!”


“Are you in it? Come on – look me in my eyes and stay with me.”

“You’ve gotta find your life.”

“I want you to dig deeper.”

“Insanity is not sexist.”

“Why do you have your eyes closed? God can’t help you with this one!”

“We still love Jen even though she has pink shoes.”

“I’m not trying to hurt you, just make you better. You can do the same thing with your body.”

“My goal is not to kill you it’s for you to kill yourself!!”

“What? You wanna go home?!?!”

“I’m smiling because I love it!”

The good thing about my best friend is that somehow he has time for more friends and I’m willing to share Shaun T with you. How gracious of me, right? Are you ready to start your friendship with Shaun T? I will introduce you. Start now with your choice of Shaun T videos: Insanity, AsylumHip Hop Abs or as a coach on my team! There is enough of him to go around. Don’t get too crazy though or Scott will start texting Shaun T warning him to stay away!

shaun t
Come on Scott! I’M HARMLESS… 🙂


Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
Shaun T






P.S. Join my team and vacation with Shaun T in the near future by clicking here.

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