Shakeology Review: Shakeology Costs HOW MUCH?

My Shakeology Review

Shakeology ReviewI see so many shakeology reviews online. How do you know if it is worth all the hype or if the reviews are simply designed to get you to purchase the product? Reviews are always skewed, in my opinion. I seek out reviews any time I’m planning a vacation or searching for a good restaurant or hotel. But, here’s the thing. If you have a bad experience, you are far more likely to write a review than someone that had a great experience. And if I see an outstanding review, I normally tend to think it was the owner of the business that wrote the review! Ha! Yet knowing this information, I STILL READ REVIEWS! So I decided to write my own straight forward, honest shakeology review today.

I know you are thinking there is no way this shakeology review can be legit, because I sell shakeology. But, here’s the thing. I didn’t plan on it. I never wanted to sell it. I didn’t even want to drink it, for that matter. I did NOT want to be “a shake person”. I hate liquid calories. WHAT A WASTE! Plus, the price! Are you kidding me? So realize this shakeology review comes from someone that started out feeling, most likely, just as you do.

$130! Am I drinking gold??

I’m sure you are super curious how an anti-shake person like me could end up giving a positive shakeology review, right? Not only Shakeology Reviewdid I hate shakes but I am as thrifty as they come. I still pick up pennies, use coupons, charge interest if I loan out money, you name it. So, don’t even get me started on how I felt when I heard the price of this shake. The shakeology ingredients MUST include liquid gold! But, I had a problem. I was tired. I was drained. I was exercising and eating fairly clean and I was still crashing. Nothing helped. I drank more coffee. I drank less coffee. I got more sleep. Then I thought maybe I was getting too much sleep. Someone recommended I try shakeology. At this point, I was desperate. BUT, that didn’t change the fact that I didn’t want to be a “shake” person..I was uber thrifty..and the thought of having to buy Shakeology for $130 made my stomach turn!

They had me at hello..

Shakeology Review
Jerry Maguire

They had me at “bottom of the bag guarantee!” I could drink the entire bag and if I didn’t feel a difference, I could return the empty bag for a refund! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It was as if the heavens had opened and the Hallelujah chorus was playing in the loud speaker! I am sooo the person that would really send it back! It was now going to cost me NOTHING! Then, just in case I got wild and crazy and actually decided to keep the shakeology, I was even able to sign up as a coach (clueless as to what that was at the time) to get an additional 25% off. But I could still return everything with the empty bag and get a full refund in 30 days. SOLD!

This shakeology review gets even better. I kept the box, the packing slip, the shipping materials. I started drinking the shake. I made it wrong the first day. I used a spoon. It definitely requires either a blender or a shaker cup, I learned. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t care. I was drinking it to see what it would do for me. It was loaded with superfoods, supposedly. I SHOULD feel SOMETHING eventually. Kept drinking it. Worked til I found my favorite recipe so at least it tasted good. happened. I felt AMAZING. OH CRAP! I almost didn’t want it to work! It changed my mood. I used to drink my shakeology in the wine closet at work. I went in Jessica and came out SUPER SHAKE WOMAN! It was like a true Clark Kent- Super man moment! My manager started ASKING me to go drink it! I was able to ditch my 3-cups-of-coffee-a-day habit and felt so much better! No jitters or crashing. I was able to kill my workout (Insanity!) with energy to spare! I even made cookies with it! Penny pinching, anti-liquid calorie, hate shakes ole me, was officially a believer. This is an A++ shakeology review after all??

I consider my shakeology review to be an unbiased review because I’m not saying you have to buy it from me and I didn’t start drinking it as a means to profiShakeology Reviewt from it. I started drinking it as an experiment. Would this help me? And it did–MORE than I obviously anticipated. Ive been drinking it now for 2.5 years and never felt better. So, in essence, this isn’t a shakeology review, but a warning. Proceed with purchase with caution! Your body will love it. You will not be able to return it. But, the benefits do hold their weight in gold! I’m off to make some shakeology cookies! But I hoped you enjoyed my shakeology review!

Digging Deep,

Jessica Bowser Nelson

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