Shakeology Ingredients can be Dangerous! MUST READ!

shakeology ingredients

Caution: Shakeology ingredients are known to leave people feeling confused. They will ponder day and night as to what took them so long to finally order some. They will lose all sense of self and actually be nicer to their coworkers then they’ve ever been and have no explanation for it. Shakeology drinkers will become more attractive to everyone as their skin and nails improve and they start smiling more. They will also develop severe hand cramps from shaking up multiple shakes a day due for their friends, family, enemies, postman, etc. The neck cramps will follow for all shakeology drinkers as they must leave their head tilted back for extended periods of time to guarantee they get every last drop. They will suffer from extremely clean kitchens, because any time the shakeology powder gets on the counter, one must proceed to lick it up or scrape it back into the bag (don’t act like you haven’t done it!).  They will have to give up extra curricular activities, as shakeology drinkers will spend every moment of spare time anxiously awaiting the UPS man. They will end up annoying coworkers and getting raises at work due to their increased productivity. Unfortunately, shakeology ingredients will also cause most friendships to end as they come to the realization about 2 weeks into drinking it that their shakeology is too good to be shared.  Luckily, in the end, the friendships will be renewed upon the shakeology drinker empowering their friend with the info on how to get their own bag! Proceed at your own risk.shakeology nutrition facts

Videos on the Side Effects of Shakeology Ingredients

See what happens upon regular consumption of shakeology ingredients:

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shakeology ingredients

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