Please Tell Me You are Getting the Shakeology Discount!

shakeology discountOdds are you are interested in shakeology, which you should be! It is the ultimate nutrition in a glass! I’ve been drinking it for 2.5 years now. I didn’t need to lose weight. I didn’t even want to drink a shake (I like TO EAT!). But I tried it and I felt soooo good, had so much energy, was less moody (not moody-free, that would be my husband’s ultimate utopia! Ha!) and had less homemade red velvet cake and cookie dough cravings that I became a lifer shakeology superfan! BUT, just as money doesn’t grow on trees, unfortunately, neither does shakeology (MY utopia! A shakeology river! Wonka style!) so I HIGHLY recommend getting a shakeology discount.

A Penny Saved…I Want to Know Where to Buy Shakeology Cheap

I’m “thrifty”. I don’t like the word “cheap”. I prefer, “smart with money”, actually. I always answer to that! Ha! I was babysitting when I was 11 years old and saving every penny I earned. I’ve had a job ever since but now I enjoy my job a lot more! Sorry to all the babies out there, but my bedtime stories always were a bit too creative for the parents liking. Snakes in the toilet HAVE happened before! Just sayin! But, I value my dollar and yours which is why I wanted to let you know now, if you want shakeology (which you should–you will feel amazing!), you had better be getting the shakeology discount. Save those dollars for a rainy day or a massage or a trip around the world!

shakeology discount

So, to get the shakeology discount, you simply need to become a Beachbody coach. WHAT? GASP? NO? I CAN’T BE A COACH! I’m just starting my journey! I don’t have time! I’m not a trainer! I’m not a nutritionist! I can’t give advice! I just wanted to try shakeology! Here’s the thing. NONE OF THAT MATTERS! If you want a shakeology discount, you can get one as a coach AND that is it!!! You don’t have to do anything else! I have a ton of “coaches” on my team that are simply shakeology superfans and want to take advantage of the 25% discount. WHY NOT? For all of you coupon clippers and promo code hunters, this is a the equivalent shakeology coupon code.

I Can Just GET the Shakeology Discount?? No Strings Attached?

Yes! I became a coach for this sole reason! I wanted (well, really NEEDED) to try shakeology. I was tired and drained and dragging. I learned I could get a discount as a coach! DONE! AND…I could even send it all back after drinking the entire bag if I wasn’t satisfied and get a refund! The “smart with money” person inside of me took a big sigh of relief and I joined as a coach ONLY to get a discount on shakeology. So how do you get the discount and how much is it?

  • the discount for coaches is 25% off but you do have to pay the $15.95 monthly coach fee starting your second month (no fees for active duty military or their spouse); discount on shakeology comes to $16.54 OFF–ALMOST $200 A YEAR! ($390 for active duty military)
  • how do you become a coach? you can signup for FREE with the purchase of a challenge pack (shakeology plus a workout of your choice at a discounted price)
  • CLICK HERE and follow the steps! Message me when you do! EXCITED to help you find your soulmate shakeology recipe!
  • Think it will be impossible to cancel? IT’S NOT! You can cancel anytime! No questions asked! (but odds are you won’t want to!)

While I started as a coach simply for the discount, I ended up talking about the workouts and shakeology because they were making such a huge impact in my life. You do NOT have to do this! You can totally be a closet shakeology drinker 🙂 I just couldn’t help myself! Ha! I never would’ve imagined the penny pincher in me would’ve taken a discount and turned it into all of this! My life is full! My world has truly taken a 180 as I have started focusing on helping others! I have found my passion again and I am so glad I took the leap even when I was skeptical! I am a born skeptic! This was sooo out of character for me. So today, I dare you! I double dog dare you to save money on your shakeology. Guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Digging Deep,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
shakeology discount

P.S. Want to know How to Make Money with Shakeology? Message Me!

P.S.S. Click here to get your shakeology discount!


Comments (2)

  1. Jessica (reply)

    03/26/2015 at 9:55 pm

    Wouldn’t you only be saving about $1? You get 16 something off but you 15 something to be a coach.

    1. Jessica Bowser Nelson (reply)

      03/30/2015 at 7:53 am

      HEY JESSICA! Cool name 😉 No, as a coach, you get 25% off, which would be $32.50. There is the $15.95 monthly fee that starts your second month to cover your 3 websites Beachbody provides you, a 24/7 customer service and the handling of all of your shipments along with free access to Success Magazine online. So, ultimately, you would save $16.55 on your shakeology when it’s all said and done. Make sense? Let me know if you want help doing that! That’s almost $200 a year in savings!

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