Why Don’t We Embrace the Good Words?positive words

We think we crave positive words, but when we receive them, we ignore them. No, this doesn’t make any sense. But, hey, we really never do, right? Ha! Encouragement Praise Compliments Shout outs Positive words Atta-boys Pats on the back These should all boost our spirits. And they do. Sometimes. But for some reason, one insult amidst a lot of great words will pull the rug out from under us. ONE insult. Watch the video below to understand more about what we are doing to ourselves and why the positive things in our life are never actually winning. The more conscious we become of what we are doing, the more positive words can actually stick with is versus falling on deaf ears.

What does math have to do with positive words?positive words

Here’s the equation I talk about in the video:

1 insult + 1000 compliments = 1 insult

Watch the video below to understand this more. And now that we know and are aware, we HAVE to do better. We can no longer let the negativity of life rob of us all of the good. It’s time we change our stinkin thinkin. Plus, just imagine what we can accomplish by recouping all of that wasted time that we have spent in negative land. FREEDOM! Bring on the positive words because I am now ready to truly embrace them! Are you? Feel free to comment and share if you have struggled as I have and let’s hold each other accountable to making a positive change starting today!

 P.S. I want to hear from you! Are you now focusing more on the good words that come your way than the occasional insult? Feel free to comment and share if you think someone might benefit from this!

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Positive Words

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