Positive Attitude Quotes are POWER!

I love positive attitude quotes of all kinds! In my line of work with health and fitness, I am constantly surrounded by negativity, excuses, doubters, haters and just straight blah. It is so easy to get sucked into the mess! I heard an analogy the other day comparing helping people to being a lifeguard. As a lifeguard, you have to leave your post! But, you also have to be very careful while rescuing someone that is drowning not to get sucked under yourself. This really resonated with me! Your family and coworkers might be negative. Your friends might be negative, but keep in mind, you choose your friends! It might be time for replacements! But when you are surrounded by blah-ness and unable to escape, do they pull you under? Negative people can be like quick sand! Don’t get stuck! I combat the funk with positive quotes. I read then re-read then read again! I also do my best to be contagious myself versus catching what they’re spreading. It’s truly toxic! Infiltrate your mind with positivity and let’s thrive while they dive!

Some of My Go-To Positive Attitude Quotes

positive attitude quotes


Positive Attitude Quotes

positive attitude quotes positive attitude quotes


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