Perfectionism Gone Wrong

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Hey guys!
It’s Jessica and I want to talk to you about a disease I suffered from for a reaallly long time that was SUPER debilitating and really just held me back in life, and some of you might suffer from this very thing as we speak, and that is the disease of perfectionism.

I was always a perfectionist in school and growing up, and I just wanted everything to be perfect and everything to be right… and in it’s place… and really just everything to be lined up before I ever really took action on anything. I even remember when I would have high school assignments..say I had to write a paper… it was that first paragraph, you know that getting started that would kind of hold me back. And it wasn’t that I was procrastinating, but I would end up waiting almost until it was due because then I HAD to do it vs. allowing my own perfectionist ways to keep me from moving forward.

So here’s the thing though…life, and just things in general, they’re never going to be perfect and the sooner you can learn that lesson, and kind of just accept it, because if you wait for everything to be perfect then all you’re going to be doing is simply waiting. It’s kind of like when you, or when people say (I’m sure you’ve probably said this before) that you’re just not motivated. You’re waiting to be motivated or inspired to actually ACT on something.

The motivation isn’t gonna always be there,perfectionism
and the perfectionist in you,
everything lined up just the way you really want it to be,
might not be there.
So instead of waiting, just start!
And it’s all about momentum!
So say you aren’t super awesome at the beginning… THAT’S OKAY!
But just ACTING and putting things into MOTION and not letting ANYTHING hold you back, including you know… a lot of people kinda wear “perfection” kind of as a badge…like,“Well, I didn’t do it because it’s got to be perfect”, so instead, put things in motion! And it’s like they say… momentum, things in motion, stay in motion.

So I would rather personally
get started on something,
and grow from there,
and learn from there,
and even fail,
and learn from my failures,
than, you know, all the sudden look back, and it’s 10 years later
and I haven’t done anything,
“But I’m full of these great ideas, and as soon as they’re perfect they’re going to come out great!”
You know, like I said,
all you’re going to be doing is waiting…
you’re going to be losing time…
you’re going to be missing out on life…

perfectionismSay Goodbye to Perfectionism

So I challenge you today…
Whatever that thing is,
whatever that reason is that’s stopping you,
that could be in your workouts…
maybe you’re like “Well, tomorrow I’m gonna be busy, so I’ll wait or that diet plan, well I got a babyshower this weekend… I know I’m gonna cheat,” or “I’ve got a vacation coming up…” Things are NEVER gonna be perfect, so instead I just double dog dare you to ACT! Put things in motion. Start where you are, and prove as you go and I GUARANTEE success will find you A LOT easier than waiting on the stars to align in your favor. Instead, put those stars where they need to be and get to work!

So hopefully this helps somebody because I know, for me, this was a BIG struggle that I had. But when I all the sudden put down my guard and realized, “You know what? I’m gonna do it anyways, and let’s see what happens!,” I was amazed at the results I ended up getting.

If you need help, you know that’s what I do… I help people get results in their health and fitness and even in their finances, shoot me a message because I have tools that have changed my life and I would LOVE to help them change yours as well! You can email me at, but in the meantime, go act on something! Comment below, I’d love to hear about what you’re going do that you haven’t done because perfectionism was holding you back! Perfectionism is a disease and SOOO not worth it! So, I want to hear about it and see you guys later!

Digging Deeper,

Jessica Bowser Nelson


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