No MotivationWe’ve all been there. Dragging our feet, not wanting to get out of bed, feeling indifferent to the world and just not motivated to do ANYTHING, right? The number one thing I am told on a regular basis, being that I am in the health and fitness industry, is that my customers, my coaches, my friends (in the most monotone voice possible) “have no motivation“. I have spent a LOT of time pondering why so many people have so many problems with motivation. I have come to a personal conclusion that I live by.

Solution #1 for No Motivation to Workout

I know what you’re thinking. You have no energy or motivation in life. You’ve been there. You’ve “tried” to get out of it. You’ve tried EVERYTHING, right? When I deal with someone that says they have no motivation to workout, I give them the following pointers, first:

  1. Workout in the morning! I don’t care if you are not a morning No Motivationperson or if you struggle with hitting the snooze button or if you have to get your kids ready for school. You workout in the morning BECAUSE you have no motivation. The further along in the day you wait, the less likely you will do it. You need to get it done before the No Motivation Devil lands on your shoulder or before your brain fully wakes up and makes your mind aware of what you are actually doing.
  2. Put your workout clothes on. That’s right. Lay them out the night before and have them staring at you bright and early in the morning.
  3. Put on your favorite music during your workout (this one is gold). Find your favorite if-I-was-to-sing-karaoke-I-would-sing-that song and turn the volume up. I guarantee the energy in your brain WILL change. No motivation? What’s that?
  4. Write down WHY you are committed to working out and getting healthy and STAYING healthy and make it good! Put it somewhere where you can see it every day. Commit to it. Think about it. Dwell on it. How badly do you want it? Pick a reason big enough to not let a no motivation day throw you off track.
  5. Find a great video that really sticks it to that you can use as a go-to when you are suffering from no motivation. I will be sharing a few of my favorites in an upcoming blog!

Solution #2 for When You Don’t Have Any Motivation At All

No. It’s not what you expect. The solution isn’t a magic pill or even a set of specific guidelines to follow. The truth is motivation is not something I can give you or teach you. It comes from within. It comes from deciding in your gut that whatever it is you are trying to accomplish is worth MORE to you than the belief you have created that you just don’t have the motivation to do so (you might want to read that sentence over a few times–it’s a deep one).

When you have no motivation, my ultimate advice is…………..(drumroll)………DO IT ANYWAYS! What? Seriously? But, I have no motivation! Who cares! You can overcome that! Since when do we only do things that we are motivated to do? Sometimes you do things because YOU SHOULD! Just do it! Nike has the number one slogan for a reason! They are on to something! How would your life be different if you just sucked it up and did things that you might not be motivated to do but you know, ultimately, will have a positive impact on your life?

(minute 3:00 is my favorite!)

Digging Deep,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
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P.S. Now that you are ready to JUST DO IT, now that you have been cured from the no motivation disorder, click here to get started on a workout challenge pack!

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