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Hey guys! I just wanted to make a quick a quick message as a lot of us are kicking off a new program this week I’m going to be starting Insanity the Asylum, which is CRAZY!

I normally work out 30 minutes a day, but there’s a reason, there’s a very very particular reason why I chose this program, and honestly it’s because it’s MORE than 30 minutes a day.

And what I’ve learned in life and how I’ve achieved, you know, success is that when you put yourself FARTHER than you thought you could go is when you get the MOST results.

It’s like Shaun T says: “The work starts when you get tired”.

Because if you aren’t TIRED, if it’s EASY, or if you can get through it, then you’re not GROWING, you’re not DEVELOPING or figuring out what you’re truly made of deep inside of you.

And I really believe that when you PUSH yourself in your FITNESS and in your BODY is when you kind of open other doors in your life to achieve greater things BECAUSE the mind speaks the loudest when you’re suffering physically… when you’re in your workout and you don’t want to do it.
Those voices just get louder and louder.
“You’ve done enough.”
“You can quit.”
“You can skip today.”
“Do a double tomorrow.”
All of those things that we tell ourselves,
“The scales not moving, why bother?” 

ALL of those things come in LOUD AND CLEAR when you’re focusing on your body.

But here’s the exciting part: when you push PAST that, when you CHALLENGE yourself and RISE to the challenge..
When you COMMIT to something and you DO it, you hold to your word, you follow through, when you do that, THAT is when you find your POWER, not just in your fitness, but in your life.

So guess what? I LOVE taking my life to the next level.
I LOVE setting BIGGER goals; having BIGGER dreams.
But to do that I have to become more, so I have to CONSTANTLY challenge myself and I have to find that thing deep inside myself to RISE to the CHALLENGE. 

That does NOT mean that I don’t hear those voices too. That does NOT mean that I don’t want to skip my workout. Or that I don’t want to stop 5 seconds before the end of a move. Or that I don’t want to stop 5 minutes before the workouts over! Or that I don’t want to substitute in a different workout that I know is easier, or that I don’t take a “rest day”, because “my body needs it”.

I mean.. don’t get me wrong.. our bodies DO need it sometimes, but I feel like too often we use those things instead of going to the NEXT LEVEL in our life.

So that’s what I want to challenge you to do. Don’t take the EASY way, because that is NOT where CHAMPIONS live. 

I LOVE that the Olympics are on right nownew workout

You get to see these people that did not just push themselves in their BODY but they pushed themselves in their MIND.
And that’s how they are achieving these AMAZING first time records. It’s not just about a number on the scale or the amount of muscles in their body, it’s what they had to weaponized their mind to do and their body followed.

So in your workout don’t be SCARED of the HARD. I think that to me that’s what “No pain, no gain” means because you’ve got to hit the PAIN, you’ve got to hit the WALL, you’ve got to experience the struggle so that you can go BEYOND it.

That’s how you’re going to be able to cope in life because life is HARD and things come at us, but it’s when you have the ABILITY to move BEYOND it that’s when you ultimately win.

It’s not AVOIDING the pain, it’s CONFRONTING the pain and pushing past it.

So I know the next 60 days, because I’m going to do Asylum 1 then follow up with Asylum 2, I know it’s going to be hard.

A lot of people think I love cardio, I HATE cardio. Cardio’s very hard for me. But I like to run towards hard because it makes me STRONGER. It makes me BETTER. It makes my impact LARGER. It helps me achieve new things.

So find your hard, embrace the pain, don’t quit when your mind says stop. Instead, train your brain to go beyond it. I guarantee you’re going to have AMAZING results, not just in your fitness, not just on the scale, but in your life which to me is ultimately what counts.

So I’m excited to do these next 60 days, I hope you guys are ready to join me and ROCK it out to your best ability and BEYOND. Better than you thought possible.

Like I said when that clock says 5 seconds left, don’t you DARE stop. When your body says you can’t do anymore, do another rep. Hold on a second longer, because you CAN.

It’s on.

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Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

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