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Motivation for working out is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Does it really exist? Is it really out there? Will you ever find it? AHHH! It must be some type of magical fairy dust that just didn’t make its way to my house. Is that what you’re thinking? I’m a big believer in not waiting for “motivation” to come. Odds are the heavens aren’t opening up and blasting Eye of the Tiger while a new you hops out of bed adorned with a headband and and a jump rope. Its just not happening. But, have no fear. This is Jenna. Like everyone, she could use some extra motivation for working out. She just happened to find it.

The Pot O’ Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Motivation for Working Out

It’s Your Time

If you need extra motivation for working out, join an accountability group by emailing whomever sent you this blog (I can be found at OR become a coach for the ultimate in accountability. Jenna started this to get support and ended up creating a job where she now gets to pay it forward and support others too! How cool is that? Will every day be easy? No. But is it EASIER to find motivation to workout daily with people alongside you encouraging you, going thru what you are going thru and pushing each other towards success? HECK YEAH! You CAN do this! You CAN get the results you want! You CAN fit in those jeans, love that person in the mirror, have energy for your kids and just for life! You can find your motivation for working out and if you can’t, you can do it ANYWAYS, because you’re worth it. What are you waiting for?

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