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Today, I HAD to share these tips with you from one of my favorite fellow coaches, Kristina Delgado. I have silently watched her journey in this business and she is the most recent coach to join me in the Millionaire’s Club. Her spirit has always been contagious and she truly shines from the inside out. But, I thought it most fitting to learn HOW she got there…

They say success leaves clues. So, don’t just read her advice on how to make a million dollars. Self evaluate and see where YOU can implement some of these very things in your life. No, it’s not just about the money. The money is a byproduct of personal growth and showing up consistently. So crazy proud of this girl!

The Words of Kristina make a million dollars

$1,012,386.62 in cumulative earnings between my 3 CBCs. That happened today. It will be official next week, September 3rd when this week’s earnings are deposited. Millionaire Club. Those words are even difficult to say and impossible to wrap my head around. I must say THANK YOU to you guys for all that you do because, of course, our TEAM is what achieved this goal. But personally, did I think this was in the cards for me on August 23, 2010 when I signed up? Never. Is it a reality today? Yes. But how…

I don’t think it is a secret that I’ve worked hard. I hope that goes without saying. And for four years, I built this business with a young family and more than full-time job with ridiculous responsibility, long hours, stress-filled environment, cut throat, demanding, exhausting job. So I know what you all go through daily, I know the challenges, I relate to you – completely. Now the stress is different, I get that, but I am still new to this “retired” life. I was in the tough trenches a lot longer than now. But how did it happen and how did I get here?

1. I have an unwavering belief in this company and what we do.

Yesterday, my Darren Daily said the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is BELIEF in this themselves. I will add to that – not only do you need to BELIEVE in yourself, you need to BELIEVE in this company and what we do. And be inspired by it, daily.

2. I have VISION.

I knew that it was going to be a tough climb but I saw it as a challenge and not an insurmountable, impossible goal. Real talk, if I wanted to hit 15 Star or earn a million dollars that does not seem like a walk in the park to me. I KNEW it was going to take time and work. But I could visualize it and I put my blinders on. And I know that nothing is impossible. We make things impossible in the way we think and act. If you act daily as if nothing is impossible, you will see progress and success. It is scientific that action is what gets you from point A to point B. I have Vision for me, for all of you, and our Team. What it looks like, who we are, what we stand for. A CLEAR VISION.

3. I am POSITIVE 98% of the time.

I have learned to control my emotions about negative situations and failure because it is simply a waste of time and energy. I know this is extreme, I get that, but it is what keeps me 100% consistent everyday. There will ALWAYS be struggle, bad things, disappointment. I have surely had my fair share of that but I don’t let it consume me. Personal development is the answer.

4. With that, I SHOW UP everyday.

This is my business and my business depends on me. I acted this way from the first day I started working on this. And I am constantly adjusting, learning, watching others, and finding new people to bless this upon. I see it that way – so I will share this opportunity with anyone.

5. I am HONEST about the work it takes to grow a business like this.

I used to sugarcoat but not anymore because I want like minded, go getters to help make their dreams come true. I’ve said it once, I will say it again, it takes A LOT of time, energy and effort to earn $1,000 a week in this business but MAN would I go through all that time, energy and effort OVER AND OVER again to get to do what we do and get paid like this! Think about that before you want to complain about your paycheck. That paycheck represents one step closer to this dream, people that you are HELPING, lives changed. Act like this is a blessing and it will BLESS YOU. But you have to be patient and keep working.*

Wow. The best parts about these tips that allowed her to make a million dollars is these are the SAME tips that will allow you to get your groceries paid for or pay your electric bill or earn extra money towards your mortgage payment. THIS is what successful people do and over time, it simply compounds into more. Small things truly do add up to big things. Will you adapt these 5 tips into your life or will you keep on sitting and wishing and hoping and possibly complaining about it, instead? You can take action. You can change your circumstances. Will you?

P.S. If you want more info on how to join my Dare 2 Dream and start your path of paid groceries to possibly make a million dollars, shoot me a message at and be READY to apply these tips every single day. 

*{DISCLAIMER: Beachbody does not gaurantee the success of any Coach. Success in this business is based on skill, time and knowledge of each individual Coach}

Digging Deeper,

Jessica Bowser Nelson

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