Dragging? Drained? Experiencing a Lack of Energy?lack of energy

Look around you and you will see a society barely hanging on due to their tremendous lack of energy. With crazy schedules, excessive obligations, the inability to say no and people feeling the need to be busy, busy, busy, it is no surprise that we all suffer from a lack of energy. When you get super busy, what happens? What do you sacrifice? Your workouts go first! Nooooooo! For some reason, we don’t consider them to be a necessity. Then, next to go is healthy eating opting instead for drive thrus, energy drinks and convenience. What those struggling with a lack of energy are failing to realize is the very things they are giving up are the things that would contribute to a life full of energy and life! And, its a double doozy. The very things they are substituting–the energy drinks, the venti lattes, the super value meals, the sitting down all day vs exercising, are draining them even more, thereby INCREASING their lack of energy.

Yes, I’ve Wanted to Curl Up in Trash Sludge

I was beyond tired. I was waiting tables 10+ hours a day. I was drinking 3, not just coffees, lack of energybut GAS STATION CAPPUCINOS a day! Lack of energy is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I was drained. I was beat down. Dragging. In a restaurant, there is an area known as dish pit. This is where the servers dump all of the dirty dishes, uneaten food, leftover drinks, etc. Needless to say, as a shift progresses, this area gets disgusting. There is a rubber mat under the trash cans to prevent people from slipping as the sludge starts to build up. Well, talk about a lack of energy. I knew I’d hit rock bottom when I looked down at that garbage covered, rubber mat on the floor in dish pit and considered curling up on it. WHAT? It was time I did something about this. This was NOT normal. I’m young! I shouldn’t feel this way! I started searching for a solution to cure my lack of energy.

Is There a Solution to This Lack of Energy Epidemic?lack of energy

IT WORKED FOR ME! Someone recommended  shakeology (superfood-loaded, amazing meal replacement shake that I now have as a daily snack) to me when I explained how tired I was and how I was wanting to curl up on that dirty mat. I was eating fairly healthy and didn’t think a “shake” could really make a difference. BOY, WAS I WRONG. Not only did I kick the cappuccino habit, but after about 2 weeks of drinking one shake a day, I felt amazing. I had a skip in my step again! I was alive! I was in A GOOD MOOD! I was cheerful! Any time the lack of energy plague tried to creep back in, I would squash it with shakeology! It is all natural too, which was very important to me. I know, I know, the gas station cappos weren’t, but I was turning over a new leaf. Besides filling my body with goodness and annihilating my lack of energy, I became more productive! The dragging around was a thing of the past. But, now I can see it in people around me–droopy eyes, dragging their feet, desperately pulling into a starbucks or buying multiple five hour energy drinks or red bulls at a time. THEY NEED WHAT I’M HAVING AND MAKE IT A DOUBLE WILL YA? It worked for me so well that I knew I had to spread the news! Since drinking shakeology and committing to those things that were designed to give my body energy on a regular basis, I have even increased my income by 300%! Coincidence? I think not!

Digging Deep,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
lack of energy

P.S. Tired of being tired? Cure your lack of energy with shakeology by clicking here to order today.

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