My Journey to Insanity Max 30insanity max 30

The final audition (To see more about the audition journey, go here. And to be the first to get info on Insanity Max 30‘s release, go here.) was brutal. It was INSANE (as it should be, right?). As far as I was concerned, I was in that room alone. Me and my mind. I had trained for this moment. I’m not talking physically, although I was in great shape. But, I’m referring to mentally. I had spent A LOT of time with Shaun T over the past few years…thru much heartache, turbulent times, positive change and growth. He had shown me what I was capable of (thru my DVD player) and all of that had somehow brought me to this moment. I had hopped on a plane and was in the final round of Insanity Max 30 auditions. It’s amazing what can go thru your head at that time. But, I KNEW that I was giving my best. And no matter what the outcome, THAT was enough. In your own life, if you embrace this concept to just do your absolute best, to give more than you did yesterday, it can be a game changer.

I’m In!!!

Shaun T was holding a stack of papers calling off each person’s name that would be in the cast of Insanity Max 30. My mind kept wandering. “Was I really in that room?” “If I pinched myself right now, would people see me do it?” “Is this a dream? Have I imagined it all? Am I about to wake up?” “Why am I wearing this headband right now? It makes me look like Rambo.” “I FEEL like I’m going to be picked, but if I don’t PUHLEASE don’t break into the ugly cry, Jessica. Just don’t.” “What if I get picked and then I can’t DO it! His workouts are CRAZY!” “I hope they liked me. I really hope they liked me! Why do I feel like I’m back in high school?” “I should’ve jumped higher. I SHOULD’VE jumped higher!” He was standing in front of a mirror calling out the names slowly. Then it happened…I saw my photo on the paper in the mirror before he said my name. It was a true slow motion, Matrix moment. My hard work, my dreams, my journey, culminated in THAT single moment of time. In my head I let out a slow motion, deep, body shaking yell! Outwardly, I smiled. 🙂 “Jessica Nelson.” I was in.

The Journey Continues

insanity max 30

Over the next few weeks, I packed up, moved to NYC, found an apartment on (super awesome the way), and began my adventure. Thankfully my job as a Beachbody coach allowed me to be flexible and able to do this. It was as if the stars had aligned..God had literally paved the way for me. It all happened so fast. There I was alone in an apartment in Manhattan. I paused. Again. Was this real? What now? I couldn’t tell anyone I was there as it was SUPER confidential to protect the integrity of the program. I had to figure out cabs and subways and grocery stores and where to buy ice (4 stores later) and how to get to my rehearsals and how to survive without my husband or family and how to keep things a secret (as my life is pretty public on facebook..ha!). It was equally overwhelming and exciting. I developed a routine, as I’m a routine girl! Are you? At home I wake up at the same time, drink water out of the same cup, do things in the same order. Ha! So I established one in NYC. I decided to walk to rehearsalsinsanity max 30 everyday as I learned after one cab ride that I could’ve gotten there faster on foot. Those 30 minutes were my lifeline. I would listen to my favorite music, pray, reflect, think, video myself. I wanted to take in every single moment with appreciation and gratitude. I knew I had put in the work to be there, but I was perpetually in awe. It all felt surreal. It was cold some days, rainy, gross, but all part of the adventure. I was the tan Florida girl bouncing down 5th Avenue with my bright pink jacket. I didn’t care. I was living my dream. There were DEFINITELY hard days. You will learn when you start this program with me that it is called Insanity MAX 30 for a reason. The point is for you to push yourself to your MAX. This can change a person. It did me. All this time, I thought I was putting in my best my workouts, in life (because it translates. The more you give your workouts, the more you will realize you can give life situations). With Insanity Max 30, I learned I have more. But, to come to this realization, you first must be broken down. Think of one of your proudest moments in your life…a defining moment. Got it? Odds are it involved some kind of devastation or breaking or rock bottom, FIRST. When you overcome something difficult or seemingly impossible, that is when you experience true victory. This workout will do that for you. You will find out what you are truly made of if you surrender yourself to the process. It will be hard. It will be challenging. The evil voices in your head and the demon on your shoulder will tell you to quit, but YOU have the choice. You can choose to overcome. Will you?

It All Started with a Popsicle Stickinsanity max 30

It was time to shoot the DVDS! Being on set was amazing. There were cameras everywhere, huge lights, big time producers, a huge production crew, a snack table (hey…I love food), makeshift wardrobe areas, it was the REAL DEAL. The CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, was even there. There was a buzz of energy that you could FEEL. You know that feeling as you go up the hill on a rollercoaster and it’s clicking…click, click, click. With each click, you aren’t sure if you are getting more excited or if you are going to throwup. That was me. Ha! After the final shoot, we all gathered around and shared how Shaun T had impacted our lives. It was a priceless moment full of tears, hugs, laughs and realizations that this OBVIOUSLY had the capacity to be far more than just another workout program. For me, it started with a popsicle stick. Four years ago my life was crumbling. My marriage was disintegrating and as I was losing control of my marriage, I was losing me. Shaun T brought me back to life. I made a mini Shaun T on a popsicle stick that I carried around (and still do). It was half as a joke and half as a reminder of what I was capable of. And to think, I was standing there with him now recounting it all. What a journey it’s been, but here’s the thing. It doesn’t end. There is no destination. Life will always have its ups and downs. We will always need that reminder. The popsicle stick lives on. I KNOW I am capable of more than I was yesterday. I will push. I will strive. I will win. Will you? IT’S TIME TO MAX OUT! P.S. Be the first to get info on the release of Insanity Max 30 by going here. P.S.S. To see my husband’s journey in the test group, go here.

Digging Deeper, Jessica Bowser Nelson
insanity max 30

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  1. Bahia (reply)

    10/15/2014 at 12:30 pm

    Hello Jessica!

    First of all, well done! You make me feel happy for you, you worked hard and now here you are, it’s awesome.
    I’m a french 18y old girl, I do lots of sport (ice skating junior vice champion) and like you, I now own Shaun T’s voice in my head!
    That man is incredible, and I am ready to work as hard as needed to meet him. I have the same dream as you a short time ago when you wanted to be part of the Shaun T’s workout’s cast.
    I admire you, and wish that really soon I will have the chance to do what you did.

    Are you filming the workout these days or is it over?
    How do you or did you live it??
    I would love to hear everything of your experience.

    Hope my english was understandable ^^

    Good job beautiful xx
    And thanks for sharing

    1. Jessica Bowser Nelson (reply)

      10/17/2014 at 10:17 am

      So great to hear from you girl! You are most definitely a kindred spirit 🙂 We are completely done filming, but the entire experience was incredible. I have no doubt you will also meet Shaun T one day! Over the next few weeks, I will make more videos with more stories talking about the experience just for you!!! So glad you stopped by! What programs have you done already of his? And your english was perfect 🙂

      1. Bahia (reply)

        10/18/2014 at 1:36 pm

        Oh experience videos yay! It d be so cool !
        Thank you for the nice words in your comment.
        I am in the second month of insanity now, litteraly dying AND living in the same time haha! It s actually the first Shaun T’s programm I am doing, but I have done a lot of sport stuffs before and, it’s weird to describe but this man is really one of a kind, really different and I fell in love with his personnality (you now what am saying)! So the asylum, T25 and insanity max 30 are on my list ;).
        Your articles are great, when I read theim it s like “oh my god YES! So right!” You seem to be a great woman, I d hear your tips and experience with the best attention if I had the opportunity to meet you.
        I’m glad you answered to my comment, you made my day! Yes you did!

        Thank you again Jessica
        Have a great week end and more xx

        1. Jessica Bowser Nelson (reply)

          10/19/2014 at 8:16 am

          Oh my goodness Bahia! It’s like you are IN MY HEAD! HA! Dying and living at the SAME TIME! YES!!! Wow! You put it so perfectly!!! And I will definitely have some videos going up soon for you 🙂 So glad you reached out and I would love to meet you also one day!!! Keep me posted on month 2 of Insanity. It’s CRAZY insane!!!

  2. Jason Price (reply)

    01/27/2015 at 4:17 pm


    I just got the new Insanity Max 30 and did day 1. I went as hard as hard as I could! I just wanted to say that this is amazing and I know I will see changes. I was once very thin growing up but then after college I put on some weight. I was 218lbs and my clothes did not fit…. I was so depressed about it but decided to do something. My wife had health issues too because of her eating and we both started eating clean and doing Insanity. I went from 218lbs to 170lbs! I am currently 175lbs and wanting to reduce my body fat percentage. I am so excited for Max 30 and the results I know I will get out of it! I think that you are awesome and I too want to audition for one of Shaun T’s videos! It would be a dream come true to be on one! If there is any way you can help me out by further explaining my story to someone or get in the audition process please email me!

    Thank you so much for being an inspiration!


    You can find me on Facebook –

    1. Jessica Bowser Nelson (reply)

      01/28/2015 at 7:55 am

      Jason–HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT!?!?? Congrats on your amazing weight loss already! I have no doubt this program will continue to push you to places you never thought possible, not just physically but mentally. Super excited for you and your wife! Keep the updates coming!

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