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Today, I have another crazy story from the filming of Insanity Max 30. What I DIDN’T know is that when workout videos are filmed, there is no music. Yep. You heard it right! Silence. So, of course, once you get the finished product, you can’t imagine it without it. But it’s actually overlaid after the fact. Which is fine, right? EXCEPT FOR THOSE PEOPLE IN THE VIDEO! HA!

I am a religious music listener while working out. Or podcasts. Just SOMETHING to help my mind go somewhere else besides to the pain, ESPECIALLY in Insanity Max 30. I need a distraction! I need more motivation! I need a climactic song that helps me push harder than I thought possible! And with Insanity Max 30 on set: silence. Crickets. Just breathing and thinking. Not good.

The Insanity Max 30 Music Solutioninsanity max 30

So, you won’t believe what I did!

I can’t believe what I did!

All I wanted was music.

All I wanted was to get thru Insanity Max 30 and not look crazy! Ha! To hear about what went down, check out my video below.


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Digging Deeper, Jessica Bowser Nelson
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  1. kristine (reply)

    11/18/2014 at 10:34 am

    Hi Jessica! congratulations on being part of max 30 cast. it’s a great privilege and you truly deserve it! i really love reading your max 30 articles and you get me excited about the max 30 program. i also signed up in your newsletter and hopefully cAn be a part of your challenge groups.

    At the moment I’m in the t25 program. I work in a fast paced environment and the 25 minute workout is perfect for me. I will be done with the program on jan 15 and plan to move on to max 30. is t25 a good workout prep for max 30 or should i be incorporating other programs and doing a hybrid? Some background on me: im 30 years old, already at my goal weight and looking to tone my muscles. ive also done a round of insanity (3 years Ago) but ive been doing hybrid workouts — mixing les mis combat, turbofire, etc.

    Thanks and look forward to hear from you 🙂

    1. Jessica Bowser Nelson (reply)

      11/19/2014 at 7:17 am

      Hey Kristine! Great to hear from you! And thank you!!! So glad you are enjoying my articles and can’t wait to go thru this program with you also! Definitely shoot me a friend request over to also! As for your prepping for the program, I think Focus T25 is great! It is also on of my favorites and looks like you have it timed perfectly! I would focus on doing each movement with perfect form. Squeezing in the squat. Isolating your core in any upper body movies. Just focus. This will tone you up quicker and Insanity Max 30 will do the final shredding. You will be toned and looking and feeling amazing! Can’t wait!!!

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