Does Shaun T Do It Again in Insanity Asylum?

Insanity Asylum

Once you officially graduate from the Insanity workout, you enter Insanity Asylum. This just so happens to be my all time favorite workout (especially volume 2). The idea is to graduate Insanity first. You will want that base to conquer Insanity Asylum. “Shaun T takes you through The Asylum’s Athletic Matrix—a program of dynamic multidirectional exercises, based on the actual movement patterns of pro athletes, that takes your body from average to elite in just 30 days.” Sound crazy? Sound intense? It is called the Asylum, after all! Olympians Hope Solo and Apolo Ohno have both done Insanity Asylum! If you are one of those people that lives for the challenge, that thrives off pushing your body and your mind, THIS program is for you! The concept is that the work doesn’t start until your tired and as you progress thru the 30 days of this program, you WILL get tired. Be ready to dig deep inside yourself and pull out the best you. Insanity Asylum will do that.

Insanity Asylum Equipment

Unlike Insanity, Insanity Asylum does require some equipment: an agility ladder and a speed rope (Insanity Asylum package comes with both of these). Since I have low ceilings, I used an imaginary jump rope on my first round. Was still highly effective, but on my next round, I moved locations and enjoyed seeing the impact using a real speed rope. The agility ladder is a MUST. In Insanity Asylum, Shaun T teaches you how to effectively use the ladder and the objective is to NOT touch the ladder. If you simply use tape to create a ladder, you will be missing out on learning this technique as obviously your ladder will not move under any circumstance. Definitely invest in an extra agility ladder if you are doing this program with a friend.

Misplaced the Calendar?Insanity Asylum



The results are GREAT in Insanity Asylum. I attribute it to three things: the nutrition plan, the crazy core work and the addition of weights. Insanity Asylum made my abs pop FINALLY! The nutrition plan is strict, but if you want results, IT WORKS! It eliminates dairy, sugar and alcohol and incorporates shakeology. Focuses on carbs early in the day and more protein/vegetables as the day progresses. You can do anything for 30 days, right?

The agility ladder work will strengthen and chisel your core quickly! You aren’t just doing crunches. You aren’t even on the floor much. You will be amazed what Insanity Asylum’s outside-of-the-box methods will produce.

My favorite workout in Insanity Asylum is Strength. It is a resistance training, cardio workout–yes–both in one! I use 10 lb dumbbells myself and it is KILLER! Nothing like the best of both worlds. You are building lean muscle while your heart is up!


Nobody ever says, “I want to be in an infomercial when I grow up.” Well, that’s UNTIL your life starts changing with Beachbody workouts! Here is a portion of the infomercial. Can you see my dog Dunston?

Digging Deep,
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P.S. Need to do Insanity first, click here. Ready to enter Insanity Asylum, click here.

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