Insanity Asylum Volume 2- Day 10 DONE!insanity asylum volume 2

I’m ten days into Insanity Asylum Volume 2 and feeling great! Thought I would update you all. I have switched to morning workouts throughout the past ten days and am loving it! I normally hate exercising in the morning as I love my quiet coffee time, but I am getting so much more done by getting my workouts completed early. I’m also finding less time wasted in mental battles as to when I can fit in my workouts or struggling with my brain trying to talk me out of them. Consider it!

So, I’m one-third of the way thru Insanity Asylum 2 and am already seeing results! For the last 20 days, I am going to be even more strict on my nutrition though, to completely maximize results. I’m telling you…if you aren’t following the nutrition plan, don’t ask why you aren’t seeing results. Makes SUCH a big difference. If you want abs, follow the plan. It was designed for a reason! Abs truly are made in the kitchen. You can do anything for thirty days, right? Plus, as time progresses, you are going to get more tired. As Shaun T says, “the work doesn’t start until you’re tired”. By the start of week three, it is going to get tougher, not easier. Follow the plan.

I do have a mini vacation planned to visit my husband’s family in Alabama in a little over a week, but I will bring my Insanity Asylum Volume 2 with me- one of my favorite things about having my workout on DVD. It’s mobile! No excuses! And I will definitely pack snacks. Road trips are the biggest diet killers! Drive thrus-BAD! Gas stations-BAD! I will definitely have my shakeology on board!

Favorite Workout of Insanity Asylum Volume 2: Championship

insanity asylum volume 2

Day 6 every week of Insanity Asylum 2 is Champion-ship +Sudden Death Overtime (fit test). It is an hour long workout where you are pushed to your limits in different sports from track and field to soccer to football to gymnastics to basketball to volleyball to more! I love this workout because it switches it up so much. You never know what’s coming next. And talk about core work. If you want abs and you are eating right, they will come with this workout! Plus, right when you are sooo done and you are tired, somehow you still magically feel energized. And then, with ten minutes to spare, it’s fit test time! You have three minutes to do as many of the specified ladder drill rounds as possible! And includes tuck jumps and burpees too. WHAT?? YESSIR! The beauty of it all is that you have to dig deep and pull out the champion inside of you to complete it. And you DO! What an empowering feeling! There is a champion inside YOU! I promise! It’s there! Don’t let it waste away! Channel it and challenge your inner champ. It will change your world! I will touch base again soon and will definitely post 30 day pics when I’m done! Keep pressing play! It WILL pay off!


Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

P.S. If you are you ready to enter the Asylum, then click here for Volume 1 or for Insanity Asylum Volume 2, click here!

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