Five Figure Weekly Income from Home

**Before I get into how I made this crazy income from home, I want to make sure you know, I am not saying this to brag, boast or point any fingers to me (besides, God gets all the Glory in my house!). I am sharing this because 3 years ago, someone shared their income with me and because of THAT moment, I am able to share this with you today.

Where it All Beganincome from home

Wow. It is difficult to even know where to begin with all of this. I am just in a state of utter overwhelmedness (and yes, I made up that word! ha!). I started as a coach towards the end of 2010. To be honest, I didn’t even know what a coach was. All I knew was I was tired. I was in the last month of the Insanity workout and if you’ve ever participated in even a minute or two of this program, you know there is only one word to describe it: insane. I was in a rough place in my life…stressed, troubled marriage, drained, tired, going nowhere, upset that I was going nowhere, and the cycle continued. There is one thing I’m not, though, and that’s a quitter. So in month 2 of this crazy Insanity workout, I needed SOMETHING to get me thru it (plus there was NO WAY I was letting Shaun T down). My ‘coach’ (aka random lady on the internet that emailed me encouragment every now and then) recommended I try shakeology. I did NOT want to be one of those weird “shake people”. But, I DID want to finish this program. I learned how I could get a discount on it by becoming a coach and even have a chance to earn income from home, if I wanted. Whatever. I just wanted to finish Insanity.

I Transformed in More Ways than One

Fast forward a few months. I finished Insanity (pure craziness!) and thru my new found team, I learned a lot about myself. I had been so consumed by everything that was going wrong in my world and everything that was out of my control, but that I wanted so desperately to fix, that I had lost myself. Instead, I determined to focus on being the best ME possible. THAT was what I was responsible for. I started helping others in the process. As I did this, I was coming to LIFE! I was finding my way! I was remembering what I was capable of! All of that had been pushed down by circumstances. I was on a income from homecomeback! I started earning a small income from home, as I helped more people. THIS WAS A DREAM! It was small. I think my first paycheck was less than $40, but, hey, helping others was the most rewarding and fulfilling thing ever! AND I GOT PAID FOR IT?? In that moment, my first light bulb went off. If I could earn a significant income from home helping others…THAT would be my dream. I went on my first missions trip with my church when I was 11 years old to Moscow, Russia. That trip changed my life forever. I got a glimpse of what it feels like to help brighten their offer them hope. From that day, I was on a desperate search to find something where I could generate income sowing into the lives of others. I had always been searching, but had grown discouraged not finding it yet. Who knew being a Beachbody Coach would change all of that?

She earned HOW MUCH income from home??income from home

I was a coach for roughly five months when I was listenting to a team call. There was a guest speaker named Monica. She sounded like a nice, normal lady. She was telling her story and then it happened…this nice, normal sounding lady that was sharing about how she was helping people, dropped a bomb. It was as if the world stopped (imagine the Matrix back bend). If I could have rewound the call, I would have. I actually DID listen to the recording to make sure my ears weren’t playing tricks on me. She said that in one week she earned…..$10,000!!! My mouth dropped. I had a mental decision to make in that moment. Would I scoff? Would I roll my eyes? Would I cough it up to a lie, a scam or an exaggeration? Would I concede that it could NEVER happen to me? Would I picture her as some wonder woman from a foreign world? I scrolled past those options quickly and instead, with a resolute determination, I immediately thought to myself, if she can do it, WHY CAN’T I? I was a brand new coach. I was earning $100 a week MAYBE…AND NOW.. to shoot for $10,000?? THATS 2 MORE ZEROS ON THE END! HA! But, right about that time I was reading a book called ‘The Slight Edge’. It had a very startling statistic that jumped out at me. It read that “90% of people believe they are incapable of great things.” When I read that, it shook me. It made me sad. Angry. Ticked off. WHY? WHY do people not think they are capable? Why are people letting their life pass them by? Why is mediocrity acceptable? It wasn’t to me. Not anymore. I had turned a new page. I was determined, focused, ready to work and EXCITED to help others in the process!

Dare 2 Dreamincome from home

This past Thursday, it happened. I made $13545.45 in ONE week as a coach. I can cry just thinking about it. I am so humbled, thankful, grateful, appreciative, and overwhelmed, yet equally excited, pumped and could truly SCREAM.. because I pray SOMEONE is reading this AND THIS IS YOUR TIME! This is YOUR moment. I pray this will impact someone to step up in their life and BE REMARKABLE! I am sharing this with you today because YOU ARE CAPABLE! I can train you to do what I’ve done. It isn’t easy. It isn’t free. It isn’t without sacrifice. But the reward, is worth it. And I’m not just talking about financial gain. I’m talking about the lives that will be changed, touched and encouraged because when life gets hard, YOU PUSH THRU, because YOU were willing to say NO to being mediocre, because YOU were willing to step out of your comfort zone and go for something GREAT, because YOU were willing to lay down what’s expected and FIGHT for what’s EXTRAORDINARY! Is it your time? Are you thinking WHY NOT ME? I promise you, if you give it your all, your life will be FOREVER changed. Find out more about coaching, here. Ready to earn income from home, shoot me a message at

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
income from home

*Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches.


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