It’s Time to Learn How to Stand Out From the Crowd

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Hey guys, it’s Jessica!
I am here on vacation on the SURPRISE vacation that I gave to my husband last Wednesday! If you haven’t seen that video, it was super entertaining, and it is on my Facebook page. I don’t know if you guys can see the view here… it’s really really gorgeous here… and I’m just enjoying the time with him and getting to kind of just relax and unwind but of course I wanted to shoot you guys a message!

I was reminded of this super valuable lesson that I hope you would apply to your life. Sometimes the most simplest things are the things that we overlook, and I was given this example years ago by one of my restaurant managers… and I think he heard this story honestly… I’m not sure it’s actually his story, but it’s a great story and a great lesson!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that we to stand out

So it was about a guy who was applying for a job and the guy was hiring (the manager, or the president, or whoever it was) would purposefully take each applicant down the hallway, to the office to be interviewed, but they would pass a piece of trash on the floor. Now they would go through the extensive interview, answering all these questions, seeing if they were a good fit for the company, but unbeknownst to each applicant, the true test was in that piece of trash… and whether they stopped and picked it up. Want to know how to stand out? Pick up the trash.

I thought, I just love that example because it’s so practical, but it’s also so telling of who you are as a person, and what you’re kind of TRULY bringing to the table.

Because it’s just like in life,
in our interviews,
or on our first date,
or when you’re meeting somebody you want to impress,
of course you put you’re best foot forward.
You’re just possibly not being 100% authentic because you’re trying to impress the other person, but who you really are would shine through when you would see the trash on the floor.

Want to know how to stand out?

So my question to you is, would you pick up the trash?how to stand out

You know what I mean?
Would you stand out?
It’s a sign that you’re a person thats going to go out of your way.
You’re going to go above and beyond.
You’re going to go the extra mile.
All of those things of course would make a fantastic employee,
and somebody you would want to hire,
but honestly it also makes you a good person!

I used to have a friend that would just toss their trash on the floor, any time they had trash, and it made me CRAZY because it just showed how unthoughtful they were, and how selfish they were, that it was kind of their world and that they were living in it, and it didn’t matter about anybody else.

So today I want to encourage you, you know, you might think this is a super small insignificant thing, but I disagree! It’s the little things that make us stand out, so focus on doing the little things because they truly do add up to big things.

So pick up the trash,
smile at a stranger,
go the extra mile,
and you will make a difference besides you’ll grow as  a human being which is what life is all about!

If you need help getting started on your health and fitness journey, shoot me a message, I would love to help you. Definitely subscribe to my channel below, and I will be headed home soon and I’ll catch you guys on the other side! Bye!

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Digging Deeper,

Jessica Bowser Nelson

how to stand out

Comments (2)

  1. Cori Toscano (reply)

    07/28/2015 at 11:46 am

    so true. i work for a very large casino and i am constantly picking stuff up and same goes when i’m working in the restaurant. i hate to see the little piece of paper from the top of the straw on the floor. drives me CRAZY!!!!

    1. Jessica Bowser Nelson (reply)

      07/29/2015 at 7:24 am

      Omggggg I’m the same way!! I can’t stand it when the server won’t buss it off my table either. Ha! I have put trash in my purse many times because I CAN’T HANDLE IT! HA!

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