how to get rid of saddlebagsHow to Get Rid of Saddlebags! Is it Even Possible??

Odds are if you are a female and especially if it is near bathing suit season, you have looked in a mirror and wondered how to get rid of saddlebags. What are saddlebags? As you can see in the illustration, saddlebags are the extra pockets of fat that show up right below your booty. It’s an extra curve that just shouldn’t be there. Some people attribute having saddlebags to genetics, weight gain, aging, sitting all day, etc. I don’t really care how they got there, we just want to know how to get RID of saddlebags, right? They actually got their name from the way they look. With these extra fat deposits, one might just resemble the back of a horse carrying saddlebags. Awful, I know.

Saddlebag Pencil Test

Most women know immediately whether or not they have saddlebags. Still unsure? Grab a pencil. Try to hold the pencil in the curve of your butt, right below the booty. Odds are if the pencil stays, you have saddlebags or you will soon. Your butt is resting on your leg and will eventually form a saddlebag if it hasn’t already. If the pencil dropped to the floor, you are in great shape and might need to inform US on how to get rid of saddlebags!how to get rid of saddlebags

Of course there are ways to hide saddlebags. While the cartoon above is meant to be funny, it is also true! Skirts and wide-legged palazzo pants can easily keep your saddlebags a secret. But, during bathing suit season, they have nowhere to go! NOWHERE TO HIDE! AHHHHHHH! Don’t worry, I can help you learn how to get rid of saddlebags in just 30 days. When I discovered this program, the only thing that bummed me out was not knowing about it sooner!

How to Get Rid of Saddlebags in 30 Days!

how to get rid of saddlebags3 Words: Brazil Butt Lift. And no, I’m not talking surgery. This is a 30 day program put out by the makers of P90X and Insanity. It is for all levels from beginner to advanced. The beauty of this program is it is totally doable but magical at the same time. The trainer and former ballerina, Leandro Carvalho has worked with top super models including the Victoria’s Secret Angels to get their booties high and tight without bulking their legs. Brazil Butt Lift offers a super simple solution on how to get rid of saddlebags, lose that jiggle and lift that booty in 30 days. Leandro gets you angling your legs and working certain parts of your bum bum that you didn’t know could be reached. I’ve done squats and lunges and that crazy awkward,weighted machine at the gym where you have to spread your legs apart for years and never got results like this and in only 30 days! It comes withhow to get rid of saddlebags a custom calendar for a pear shaped butt, a flat butt and a just plain big butt, along with a complete nutrition guide.

Brazil Butt Lift is not the only way to get rid of saddlebags, but for me, it was the easiest way combining cardio with targeted movements, a specific schedule, accountability and a focused nutrition plan. Say goodbye to saddlebags for good and drop that pencil every time!

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P.S. Now that you know how to get rid of saddlebags, join my next Brazil Butt Lift Challenge group by clicking here!

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