Forget the Fountain of Youth- We Want to Know How to Get Abs Fast!

how to get absI spent years thinking and dwelling on how to get abs! I have always been self conscious of my stomach and was determined to change it. I did exercise regularly though and just couldn’t crack the code on how to get abs for some reason. I owned an ab roller. Odds are you might have had one! I used that thing religiously to the point the bolts actually fell out of it. My dad actually sold it in a garage sale when I was away at college! DEVASTATED!Ha! But, I would also go to the gym and use THEIR ab roller! I was obsessed! It was the key to my dream abs! Had to be! I would also do crunches and sit ups sideways, forwards, backwards and upside down! I would do them weighted, too! I was determined! But, for some reason, I was still ab-less.

Why Must I Get Six Pack Abs –or Even a Four Pack?

how to get abs

As a child, I had a very round stomach. (ok. Not as round as the photo! Ha!) Do you remember the one piece bathing suits that had a whole cut out of the middle? Those were perfect for me! My stomach just poked right thru! Ha! In my family, we referred to it as my bowling ball. While it was all in good fun, what I didn’t realize was during those times, I was developing insecurities and really growing self conscious. I am a firm believer, though, that if you don’t like something about yourself or you are unhappy with something in your life, then DO something about it! Instead of dwelling on the negative feelings, I was going to figure out how to get abs if it killed me!

My Ab Recommendation

how to get abs

Alas, one bright and sunny day, I discovered Beachbody, the P90X and Insanity people. I didn’t know what to expect and boy was I in for a surprise! At the time, I flip flopped back and forth from working out at home to the gym. I was a Billy Blanks TaeBo fan also, so home fitness DVDs didn’t scare me. I started with P90X and got better results in one month at one hour a day than I had in the past 5 years at 2 hours a day. It was AMAZING! I was hooked! I’ve been working out at home for the past 3 years now. Want to know how to get six pack? Here are my top recommended programs!

1. P90X – will get you crazy ripped results in 90 days! You do the P90X Ab Ripper DVD three times a week. It is my absolute favorite straight ab workout.

2. Asylum 2 – I recommend you do Asylum 1 before Asylum 2, but I guarantee if you do both, you WILL have abs! These programs are 30 days a piece and come with a dairy free meal plan. Your body will not be the same! You can get them for a discount together by clicking here.

3. Asylum 1 / P90X hybrid – THIS IS FIRE! The hybrid calendar comes with Asylum 1.

4. Asylum 1

P90X and Asylum 2 are close to tied for first place as to how to get abs. But, here’s the thing. These are not beginner programs. If you are a beginner, then you need to start somewhere else to drop some weight (I can help; just message me). Otherwise, you can build your ab muscles, but you’ll never see them due to the layer of fat over them and you might actually appear thicker as your muscles grow underneath. These recommendations are for those of you that are fit but just can’t quite master the abs! This will most definitely do the trick!

No matter what, make sure you utilize the nutrition plan though, that comes with each program. It is the total package that will get your abs popping! It was designed for a reason plus it takes away the guess work. You have everything laid out for you! Abs truly are made in the kitchen so to get a six pack, don’t ignore this vital component!

Results vary.

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
how to get abs






P.S. I would love to see your transformation photos after you try my recommendations on how to get abs!


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