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Christmas will be here before you know it so I thought I’d compile my TOP 10 fitness inspired gifts that I would personally love to receive (hint hint ha!) or already own. Of course everyone has health and fitness on the brain with the New Year right around the corner so what better gift than something that can help you start 2016 on the right foot? So, here’s to giving gifts that keep on giving.

These Christmas gifts for fitness lovers in your life are in no particular order.

10 Fitness Inspired Gift Ideas

1. Hydr-8 Travel Mug– We all need help getting our water in! I love this mug in particular to remind you to drink often and to let you know how you’re doing in reaching your daily hydration goal. What you measure, you improve upon, so drink up! (price: $15.99)gifts for fitness lovers

2. Fitbit I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial by now! I love it! Ha! These are all the rage to measure activityexercisefoodweight and sleep—to help you “find your fit”, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact. (price: $59.95-249.95)gifts for fitness lovers

3. OmniBall I haven’t tried these, but they look interesting and could definitely take your core workout to the next level. They are two weighted, omni-directional balls that can be attached to the hands and feet to increase traditional strength training functionality. (price: $69.95)gifts for fitness lovers

4. Zoodle Maker Zoodles are the new noodle! Turn your veggies into an uber healthy pasta replacement with a few easy steps. (price: 2 for $14.99) gifts for fitness lovers

5. “Mind Over Matter” Necklace We all need a little extra motivation at times which is why I love this necklace. It can serve as a reminder to not only get your workout in but that you ARE capable of doing whatever you put your mind to! (price: $21.00)gifts for fitness lovers

6. Jump Mat Love this mat! I use it daily. It’s a super shock-absorbent mat that protects your knees, back, and ankles (which I know I need!). (price: $29.95 limited time)gifts for fitness lovers

7. PowerBlocks I’ve had these for years and I have no idea how I lived without them before. They are perfectly compact for usability and an entire weight rack in one. Love love love these and worth every penny! (price: $179 and up depending on weight range)gifts for fitness lovers

8. Hammer and Chisel Workout Program It’s not here yet, but will be coming on Dec 1st. 60 days. Full body transformation from the comfort of your home! Stay tuned for more info! I’ll be posting about it as soon as it’s available! (price: not available)gifts for fitness lovers

9. BlenderBottle SportMixer This shaker cup is special. It even cuts thru peanut butter so it’s perfect for my Reese’s Cup Shakeology recipe that I’ve literally been drinking daily for years now! (price: $12.98)Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.24.09 AM

10. HappyLight Compact Energy Lamp I know all of you don’t have the luxury of living in Florida like me, but I’ve had many northern friends brag about this one! It is said to improve mood, energy and concentration and help you beat the “winter blues”. (price: $64.99)lamp


P.S. Stay tuned this week…I have more sales to come! 

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

gifts for fitness lovers

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