Get Paid to Lose Weight with the Beachbody Challengeget paid to lose weight

That’s right, you can get paid to lose weight and you don’t have to be on the Biggest Loser television show! Beachbody has created the Beachbody Challenge to reward regular people like you and me who are doing extraordinary things! It’s not always easy to make healthy choices, to exercise, to sacrifice. Beachbody has added extra incentive with this challenge.

In a given year, how much money is Beachbody awarding for weight loss?

Beachbody gives away:

  • 365 – $500 Daily Challenge Winner
  • 96 – $1,000 Monthly Challenge Winner
  • 24 – $1,000 Monthly Health Transformation Winner
  • 8 – $5,000 Quarterly Challenge Winner
  • 2 – $25,000 Annual Health Transformation Winner
  • 6 – $25,000 Annual Grand Prize Challenge Finalist
  • 2 – $100,000 Annual Grand Prize Challenge Winner (a male and a female)

THAT’S $742,500 TOTAL!

The Money is a Bonus!

get paid to lose weight

While it is super awesome to get paid to exercise and that can be your initial motivation, I guarantee as time goes on and you commit to the life change, you will gain so much more than just money! What are you waiting for? Need help? Message me! I have tons of challengers experiencing extreme results in my private challenge groups. Everyone needs a little help and motivation at times! You need support! You need someone in your corner! You CAN do this! I believe you can do it but DO YOU? That is what the challenge group is for! Want to get paid to lose weight? Want to change your life? Let me help you! Want to see more challenge winners? I love before and after photos! Shows you what’s possible!

get paid to lose weight

get paid to lose weight

get paid to lose weight

get paid 4

get paid to lose weight

get paid to lose weight get paid to lose weight


Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
get paid to lose weight

P.S. To get paid to lose weight, enter the challenge by clicking here.

Results vary.



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