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I just returned from a crazy amazing, free vacation aboard the S.S. Beachbody (aka Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas) for 5 nights and 6 days. What an adventure it was! Honestly, cruising is not my vacation of choice, personally, but being surrounded by thousands of positive, like minded, motivated individuals IS! The entire ship was full of fellow Beachbody coaches including many from our Dare 2 Dream team! I had such a great time, I was hoping to convey just a TAD bit of my excitement in this blog for you.

Getting the Job Done Pre-Cruise

I guess I’ll just start from the beginning. Pre-cruise, I met up with a few of my coaches and free vacationcoerced them into a roadside Focus T25 workout. Hey, It’s only 25 minutes plus it was fun making memories! They couldn’t believe I was serious! Ha! What’s amazing to me is that I have now been on many a free vacation with Beachbody..Disney World, the Atlantis in the Bahamas, Laguna Beach twice, another Caribbean cruise..but, my excitement and level of anticipation never lessen! I still get nervous, excited and just PUMPED! So, as I was boarding the ship, I was like a kid on Christmas morning! The CEO, Carl Daikeler was there waiting to free vacationgreet each person as they boarded. SO COOL! They immediately let us know our cabin’s were ready and we got the first glimpse of our Jr. Suite that I earned for being an Elite Coach. Having heard horror stories of interior cabins and having had a teeny tiny shower on our last cruise, this was astonishing! We had a bed, a coach, a chair, a balcony and a FULL BATHTUB! I don’t even take baths, but I was giddy! Ha! There was also a welcome gift with monogrammed towels, sunglasses, hats and shirts for being an Elite coach plus a really nice beach bag that people kept trying to buy off us the rest of the trip! Ha! Beachbody definitely treats us so nice!

A Free Vacation has Workouts??

You all know we can’t call it the S.S. Beachbody without having daily workouts with Shaun free vacationT, Tony Horton, and Autumn Calabrese of the 21 Day Fix. We got them started on the top deck of the ship at 7:00 am every morning and there was nothing compar-able to the energy and excitement that ran threw the crowd. I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF! The crowd was pumped even after late night parties and the trainers really handed it to us! Here’s a photo of Tony Horton picking on my husband.

Cozumel and the Cayman Islands

We had two stops on our free vacation. In Cozumel, we went to a day resort with a lot of coaches from our team, Dare 2 Dream. It was the first time a lot of us got to even meet in person since most of us have connected on facebook first! We had a great time relaxing on the beach, by the pool and with a delicious, four-course lunch. In Grand Cayman, we went to Stingray City. Have you heard of this place? It’s crazy! You are literally swimming with stingrays that you find on a sandbar after taking a 30 minute boat ride to the middle of nowhere! Ha! It was definitely a unique experience! Check out this video!

Parties With Our Dare 2 Dream Teamfree vacation

From the Elite Party to Formal Night to Disco Night to the White Party, the fun never stopped. The best part for me was getting to spend time with those that I work with every day in helping people reach their goals in health, fitness and life while we keep each other accountable and that is my team of coaches, Dare 2 Dream (these are just some of them in the photo). They say you become the sum of the five people you spend the most time with and THESE people I am proud to call my friends and business partners. We encourage, uplift and support each other to be our BEST selves. We set goals. We raise the bar. We DARE 2 DREAM and to get to enjoy this vacation with them, was priceless! Ever considered becoming a coach? Get more info here and message me with any and all questions. This has truly changed my life in so many ways, I just HAVE to share it! Plus, who doesn’t want a free vacation?

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
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