Are You Ready For Focus T25? I AM!

focus t25If Shaun T puts it together, I’m buying it! Shaun T knows how to get you results in your sleep and now he has come out with Insanity-like intensity and results IN JUST 25 MINUTES A DAY FIVE DAYS A WEEK in Focus T25?? I’M ALL IN! Are you? I simply can’t wait!

I believe Focus T25 will revolutionize the at-home fitness industry. Why? The number one excuse I hear is “I DON’T HAVE TIME!” You have probably even used it a time or two, right? Well, that excuse can be used no more! In Focus T25, T stands for Time or Shaun T, depending on who you talk to. But the point of the program is focused intensity for 25 minutes a day. If you can’t invest 25 minutes a day into yourself and your health, then I simply can’t help you.

Think about it, when you workout for an hour Focus T25or so, what happens? You pace yourself as you watch the clock tick down, right? You probably skip a few workouts, as well, just knowing that you can’t quite get the full hour in so you opt for no workout at all. AHHHH!But now, with Focus T25, you can push harder, go faster and know you are getting it done in a 25 minute window. NO EXCUSES!

Sneak Peek of Focus T25

I had the privilege as an Elite 2012 Beachbody Coach, to get to preview Focus T25 before its release. I was totally thrilled and it was, by far, one of my greatest perks as an Elite Coach. While I am not authorized to actually show you the video, I was given permission to show me doing Focus T25. As far as any other info..the T 25  workout will be divided into 3 different sections: an Alpha, a Beta and a Gamma phase. Each phase will have a different concentration. One being core, one being strength, etc. This preview is of one of the core focused workouts. As far as I know also, the only equipment needed for this program will be dumbbells to be used in the strength phase. (Subscribe to my newsletter for breaking news and updates on Focus T25 at the bottom of this screen!) So, here it goes:


Digging Deep,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
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P.S. IT’S HERE! Click here to get Focus T25!

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  1. Susan (reply)

    04/25/2013 at 8:36 am

    Super excited for Focus T25. That’s so cool you got to try out the workout.

    1. jessica nelson (reply)

      04/26/2013 at 10:57 am

      I’m sooo excited too! I was like a kid on Christmas morning when they gave me this preview! I went straight back to my hotel room and tried it out!

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