Focus T25 Gamma Phase Rocks!focus T25 Gamma Calendar

I love love love Focus T25 Gamma Phase. Focus T25 Alpha and Beta lay the foundation and Gamma is where you turn your results up a notch. I have completed the Focus T25 Gamma Calendar many times over. It is only 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week and results are guaranteed, especially if you pair it with the super easy to follow nutrition plan. The Gamma Phase introduces light weights into the routine. You really don’t need anything heavier than 10 pounds EVER (because in some of the workouts, you never put the weights down). A band will work also, but I always get tangled up in them, personally. Ha! Just depends on what you prefer.

Get Better and Faster Resultsfocus t25 gamma calendar

My official T25 Gamma Workout Review is in. This program is genius. It’s incorporating the best of both worlds: Resistance Training WITH Cardio! Talk about the perfect marriage to produce “results babies”. Ha! AND in only 25 minutes a day with a modifier for every move, as well. Can’t be beat in my opinion.

Focus T25 Gamma Calendarfocus T25 Gamma Calendar

For a printable version, click here—–>¬†focus T25 Gamma Calendar. P.S. To join my next 25 minute a day, Focus T25¬†accountability group, message me at

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focus T25 Gamma Calendar

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