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Hey guys! It’s Jessica and I have some EXCITING NEWS so, I just decided to shoot you a quick video!

This month I have an AMAZING sale going on, and I want to invite you to join me,
to get in the best shape of your life,
to find your inner champion
and to legitimately change your mind!

Get started here now!

So, what’s going on is, most of you guys know, I’m in the Insanity Max: 30 program.
Well the full pack, that’s gonna get you every single thing you need, is on sale THIS MONTH ONLY!

So here’s what you’re gonna get…

You get the full 60 day program.
Insanity Max: 30 only has 30 minute a day workouts, so you can do that! You can do 30 minutes. You NEED to do 30 minutes,  for your health and for your future.

insanity max: 30You get a work out calendar.
It’s gonna tell you exactly what workout to do on what day.
It comes with a complete nutrition guide. It’s gonna tell you what to eat and when to maximize your results and to rev up your metabolism, where it’s working FOR you instead of against you, and to fuel you, not only for your workout, but for LIFE! Because we honestly live in a world with SO many drained people and that’s not how you were designed to live! So this is gonna get you on track there.

You get a 30 day supply of shakeology.
It’s an all natural meal replacement shake that’s gonna leave you feeling AMAZING! It has no artificial colors, flavors, nothing fake and crappy in it, which is why your body goes “AAHHHH!” Like, I’m NOT kidding! That’s what my body does when I drink it, and I’ve been drinking it for four and a half years!! So this is gonna be either your breakfast, or your lunch, possibly your afternoon snack depending. And like I said, it’s gonna fuel your body and get it what it needs, because unfortunately in our regular diet these days, we’re just not getting the dense nutrients that make our bodies operate properly. I couldn’t have gotten thru Insanity Max: 30 without it.

You get to join my private accountability group.
I’ve had groups going since Insanity Max: 30 was released last December. CRAZY transformations happening. I don’t care where you are currently. I don’t care your shape, size, age, you can do this program! There is a complete modifier so there’s going to be a person doing only modified moves that you can lock onto the bottom of the screen. And I have an awesome example of another coach that is KILLING it– all modified! She definitely more categorizes as a beginner, but she is FULL OF HEART and FIGHT and HUSTLE and she is GETTING IT DONE! So check out this video if you’re a little nervous about the intensity because your thinking, “Wait you said INSANITY?!… I’m not ready for INSANITY!” but you can TOTALLY do this because the modifier… there’s not gonna be any jumping, it’s gonna be low impact, and like I said, the point is to do what you can do and improve each day.

See video of Insanity Max: 30 modified by this amazing coach Sonya here.

So I want you to join me if you’re ready to get in THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE! Whether that’s
whatever your goal is, this program can get you there!

insanity max: 30But what it’s gonna do, is it’s gonna challenge you and it’s gonna push you, and guess what? You’re gonna wanna quit, but do you know what happens when you don’t? You know, when everything says give up and INSTEAD you dig deep inside of yourself, and you find something that pushes you forward. When you start this program, you could be mediocre, out of shape, unmotivated, but if you commit to 60 days of Insanity Max: 30 with me, I guarantee at the end, you will leave a CHAMPION!!! Able to do anything in life. It’s gonna go so much deeper than just a workout program.

So, if that sounds something that interests you, something that you could possibly commit to, I would love to have you because if you can’t tell, I’m SUPER passionate about it, so shoot me a message at I will hook you up!

The full Insanity Max: 30 pack is on sale for $180 with $2 shipping. That’s for 60 days worth of a life-altering program! If you hired a personal trainer…that’s less than 3 sessions with them! So I’m not sure where you’re at, or what you need to do, but I would recommened you do what you gotta do to join our group! People are losing crazy weight, gaining confidence, changing their life, and I would love to have you allow me to get to be part of your journey. In the group, we have FUN, we HELP EACH OTHER through the tough days, because everybody has tough days, I do too. I’m SO thankful to have these other people there that have my back, that are encouraging me along the way. We celebrate each others successes, answer questions and just keep you going on the journey to be the best you!!! So email me, once again, I’ll get you hooked up and started on your transformation. CAN’T WAIT!!

Get started HERE now!

Insanity Max: 30 Transformations Modified and Regularinsanity max: 30


insanity max: 30

Digging Deeper,

Jessica Bowser Nelson

insanity max: 30

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